Everybody loves a Winter Wonderland, but sometimes too much snow can trap us inside, cold with nothing to do. But have no fear, we are here to warm things up! Here are 5 things you can do to turn a snowed in evening into a fun date night for two!

Before you get started, we must lay out some ground rules! All the ideas below can be done without going to the store or leaving the house. So, our challenge to you is to keep it that way (if you are truly snowed in, then you won’t have a choice). Only use items that you have around the house. If you are feeling really adventurous, try and complete as many of these ideas as you can in one night!

So, spark up a fire, slip into your most comfortable snowed in jammies and start your date night! Ready. Set. Snow!


Challenge One: Create Your Own Gourmet Meal


Using only the ingredients in your pantry and fridge, create a 5-star meal together! Not so fast! We of course have some rules. You must create one main dish and two side dishes. You must use at least three ingredients for your main dish and at least two ingredients for each side. In addition, you have to create a super fancy name for your creation (just add in an à la or over explain the ingredients in the name and you are good). Michelle and I make a mean Macaroni à la Italiano with a Piquant Sriracha and Cheddar Compote dressed with a side of Fire Kissed Vegetable Medley.

Bonus Challenge: Create a signature drink to go with your meal using at least three ingredients.


Challenge Two: Concoct the Perfect Hot Cocoa Recipe


No snowed in night is complete without some hot cocoa! Again, using only ingredients available in the house, concoct the perfect hot cocoa recipe for you both to enjoy for the rest of the night. Don’t be afraid to get a little weird! A cayenne pepper and mint mixture might be the next big thing! If you don’t have any chocolate, be creative. For this challenge, we will accept any hot and sweet beverage mixture. Fair warning, no matter how crazy you get, you both have to at least try it!


Challenge Three: Design Your Own Board Game


Your next challenge is to create your own board game for two! To help you out, we’ve create this PINTEREST BOARD to give you a little inspiration. You can print out your own game board, make adaptations to board games you already have, or use things you have laying around the house. The easiest way to complete this challenge is to find a board to use, a set of cards with numbers or a set of dice, and some game pieces. Every time you roll the dice or draw a card, create a certain activity associated with that number while you move your game piece around the board. But, be creative! At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that you both have fun creating the game!

Challenge Four: The Movie Binge Game


After making a gourmet meal, mixing up the perfect hot cocoa recipe, and innovating the next must-have board game, you will probably be exhausted! Well this next challenge is easy. We promise!

Jump on your favorite movie streaming app and pick a movie or find a one playing on TV. If you are into holiday movies, this could a really fun game with the Hallmark Channel. Before you start the movie, have each of you grab a piece of paper and a pen. Taking turns, write down one thing that you think you will see throughout the movie. For example, you may write somebody crying or something explodes. Keep going until you each have a list of 10 things.

Every time something happens in the movie that matches something on your list, you earn one point (keep tallies as you go). At the end of the movie, the person with the most points wins that round. Watch three movies, writing a new list before each.

If you choose to go the Hallmark route, here is a hilarious list to get you started. Also, you can turn this into a drinking game, if you are so inclined.


Challenge Five: Prepare for the Next Date Night!


What better way to end your date night in than by planning your next! Break out a piece of paper and write down everything you need to stock up on before your next snowed in night!

Better yet, let us do the work for you! Crated with Love offers fun and easy date night boxes delivered directly to your door! The most important thing is that you take time to enjoy each other! A rainy day or a snowed in night could be just the thing you need to reconnect!

Happy Dating!