We currently have a relationship quiz where we ask couples a series of questions and then give them a relationship “score” which is weighted depending on their answers. Then we build a report based on all the total submissions we receive. The reason we share this is because there is one piece of data that is really interesting when it comes to “couple time”. We have had over 700 people take this questionnaire with an average score of 61.38/100 (as of 9/1/2018).

One of the questions we asked was how much alone time the participant and their partner spend together each week. That is, alone, one-on-one time. Those that said they had less than 5 hours per week had an average score of 53.29. Those that stated they had between 5 and 10 hours had a score of 64.38, and those that said they had over 10 hours of alone time per week had an average score of 70.74.

So, potentially, a couple could increase their score by over 10 points just by making sure they have over 5 hours of alone time per week. If you break that 5 hours down, it comes out to just under 43 minutes per day.

The best and easiest time for a couple to input some alone time in their relationship is before bed. If you have little ones, they have been put to bed, all the chores and tasks for the day are done (or can wait until tomorrow), and you and your partner are alone together. Now what? Here are 3 tips to maximizing your one-on-one couple time before bed.

#1. Ditch the Screen 

Studies show that being on your phone before bed can make you lose sleep anyway, so instead of scrolling, spend some time with your partner. Think of all the minutes you’ve spent watching cats behaving badly or listening to all the songs that turned 20 years old today. That time could’ve been spent reconnecting with your partner.

#2 Start an Ongoing Activity

Maybe it’s a board game or a puzzle, maybe you plan your dream vacation, one day at a time. Finding something that you can build off of each night can help you stay committed to that alone time each night, plus it can be a fun way to end the day!

#3 Subscribe to Date Night

Stop motion gif of Tropical Escape theme items getting inside the box then closing

At Crated with Love, we have multiple options for couples who are looking to get closer together. Our Digital Subscription ($1.99/month) gives weekly and daily challenges for you and your partner to do before bed and even comes with fun and easy to plan date night ideas.

Even our box program is perfect for couples who want to add some couple time before bed. Each date comes with 4 activities and all the items you need. We even create each box so that they can be broken up, allowing you to do one activity at a time if you want!

Regardless of what you choose to do, spending some alone time together before bed is the perfect way to grow closer and strengthen your relationship without having to rearrange your schedule too much!

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