Subtle Signs Your Relationship is Headed Towards Marriage (or Ways for Making it Stronger)

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A couple embraces after celebrating just getting married

Marriage beautifully unites two people together through love and devotion. And while it is established differently in cultures around the globe, the goal is similar, to bring two people together for the rest of their lives.

There are many subtle actions couples that end up married usually do together. In this post, we will go over some of the most common ones.

If you’re married now, think about these things in regards to your marriage. Are they being implemented? Are they lacking? The wonderful part about marriage is that is an evolving relationship with many opportunities to grow!

You make decisions together

We’ve all heard it: communication is key. Strong relationships involve communication and healthy discussions, especially about crucial decisions. A sign that your relationship is headed towards marriage is that you make these decisions together. You have learned that relationships are not about one person winning or losing, but about working together. Naturally, we all have our own unique personalities and preferences, but learning to communicate and make decisions together is a crucial skill for long-term happiness.

Spouses who are in love are sure to possess at least one difference when it comes to decision making: comfortability and trust. This difference, one of the main bases of dating, is crucial understanding each other. If trust and comfort with each other is not established, conversations can lead to disagreement and misinterpretation of each other’s opinion. In a relationship in which love, respect, and mutual understanding exist, crucial issues are discussed and analyzed thoroughly. This act will enable them to understand each other’s points of view and resolve to a conclusion.

You romance each other

Do you remember when you first got together with your partner? We loved going out of our way to surprise them and make them smile. Over time, we tend to start doing these things less and less until it becomes a rarity. Here at Crated with Love, we’ve personally seen how effective it is to keep dating after you’ve been in a relationship for a while. That’s why our mission is to provide a fun, unique date night in a box for only $20 a month!

As your relationship progresses, possibly towards marriage, it’s important to keep this romance alive. Yes, it can seem more difficult to stay consistent, but even simple expressions of romance can make a big difference. Whether it’s date night once a month, or just spending 15 minutes talking, those romantic moments can go a long way in helping to strengthen your relationship.

You trust each other

Trust is assured reliance on the character, ability, and strength of one’s partner. When you trust your partner, you can create an incredible bond. It gives your relationship a sense of freedom that allows you to continue to grow together while being able to breathe at your own pace.

Trusting each other completely is necessary for any marriage to be happy and healthy. A lack of trust is not something you can just work through. Your marriage will suffer and deteriorate over time if it doesn’t see improvement in this area. Yes, that statement may seem scary, but the truth is that trust (or the lack thereof) manifests itself in almost every area of marriage.

If you look at some of the top reasons for divorce (infidelity, money, and communication), trust plays a huge role in deciding how those circumstances are played out. Being able to trust your partner with your emotions, with your fears and failures, and with your life is crucial to not only creating a strong marriage, but to sustaining it as well.

You have your finances down

No one likes talking about their finances. It’s seen as some sort of taboo. But, did you know money problems are one of the most common reasons for divorce? While it may be something you’re uncomfortable talking about, especially if you’re not in a good spot, it’s incredibly important for relationships. Not only will you be able to handle your money better, you’ll also grow closer as a result of tackling a difficult situation together.

There are many different ways to handle finances within your relationship, but communicating with each other to find the best option for the both of you is important. It can be tough transitioning from “this is my money” to “this is our money”, but if you don’t have a well-planned strategy to finances as a couple, it can lead to significant issues in your marriage. In fact, money is the number one issue married couples argue about, so communication and strategizing together is crucial to making your marriage last.

You discuss the future together

Couples that plan on staying together will discuss their shared future together. Do you want kids? If so, how many? Are you planning on buying a house? What kind of flowers will your garden have? Questions like these, even if some seem insignificant or not very serious, can be important to a relationship because it helps you see the future together.

Whether you discuss your future goals and aspirations with each other or not before marriage, the answers will show up sooner or later, and not being prepared for those discussions can cause friction.

Now, we are not saying that every little nuance of each of your dream futures needs to be the same in order for you to have a strong relationship, but discussing those topics openly with each other is important. Hiding or avoiding topics, no matter how tough the conversations can be, can lead to problems in the future. Remember, trust and communication is key.


Whether you’ve just started thinking about marriage or have taken those final vows, building a strong, sustaining relationship is never easy. That being said, the everlasting love you can create with another person is the best feeling in the world! But, in order to build a strong foundation to your marriage, the topics we’ve talked about above need to be discussed openly.

As you think more about marriage, ask yourself how strong these topics are in your relationship. Which ones do you feel most comfortable with? Which things do you need to discuss more with your partner? Strong marriages do not build themselves. They take communication, strategy, trust, and resilience. And by working together.

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