I want you to think back to the first time you told your significant other, “I love you”. The rush, the adrenaline, the anxiety, the excitement. Few things are as powerful as the moment you first declare your love to someone.

Now flash forward ten years. It’s another Tuesday morning and you both are getting ready for the day. Rushing out the door, you give a kiss to your partner on the cheek and quickly fit in a “luh you” like a cruel game of telephone. Does this mean you love your partner any less than you did a decade ago? Of course not. In fact, chances are that you are more in love with them than ever before. The difficult part  as your relationship evolves is conveying that love, especially when you both have been around each other for so long. How do you feel those same emotions as you did that first time you said, “I love you”?

The great news is that is easy and it’s something you can frequently, and you don’t even have to say it to say it. Here are 3 ways you can say “I love you” without speaking a word.

The Letter

Writing a letter or a short note can be a great way to express your love by getting it all down on paper. In such a digital age, a hand-written note can mean so much more than just the words. Adding an element of surprise is a great way to make it even more special. Mail it to them at work or add in a memento that only they will understand. Boom! Instant I love you!

Occasionally, I will write Michelle a letter updating her on all the reasons I love her (which grows longer with each passing day). As much as she loves reading it, it’s just as powerful writing it. Sitting there, thinking about what to add to the list and all the reasons I love her, helps me appreciate the journey we’ve been on together and helps reignite those feelings from the first time I told her I loved her.

The Little Gift

It may not seem like much, but a small gift to your partner can be the perfect way to express your love. Whether it’s their favorite type of muffin, a pint of their favorite ice cream, or that little something they’ve had on their shopping list for forever, that little gift can make their day while helping them see how much you love them (and how much you pay attention to their needs and desires).

Running a business can take a lot of work and some days can be very stressful. When Michelle notices that I am having one of those days, she’ll go out of her way and surprise me with an Abba Zabba (they are so hard to find, but I love them). The first time she surprised me, it meant so much. I don’t think I had ever told her how much I liked them, so she must have been really paying attention (then again, she has a pretty outstanding memory). Knowing that even just a simple candy bar could make my day a little better, she did it out of love. I mean, seriously, it’s just a candy bar. And yet, it was so much more.

The Household Chore

Doing one of your partner’s household chores or taking a responsibility off their plate is a simple way to make them feel loved. Showing them that you are willing to sacrifice your time and energy to make their day a little easier can go a long way in helping to express your love and show your appreciation.

I have always been the chef in our relationship, so it’s my job to cook and clean the kitchen. Michelle’s main chore for us is laundry, cleaning, and basically everything else. It may sound silly, but Michelle has told me that some of times where she knows I love her the most occur when I’ll surprise her and fold a load (granted, I am not the best folder, but I try). She knows that I despise doing laundry, so for me to help her out means a lot. I’ve even done the entire laundry a few times. I know, I know, it was pretty rough, but Michelle is totally worth it!

Conversely, I get an unexplainable joy whenever Michelle comes over to help me do the dishes. There is just a special kind of love that comes with helping to do chores!

Our Romantic Renaissance date box really dives into this idea of expression. That is, how are you going to show your partner that you love them without words? Many times, we just assume our significant others know how much we care, and maybe they do, but making sure you can express that love in more ways than one can go a long way in helping build a strong relationship.

How to Say I Love You Without Actually Saying It

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