Question: How do you maintain and keep the passion alive in a long-distance relationship?

Long-distance relationships can be tough. There’s no way around that. BUT, they do provide a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your relationship in unique ways! We’ve outlined a few tips to help you get the most out of your long-distance relationship!

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Stay Spontaneous – Don’t Get in a Routine

One of the hardest parts about long-distance relationships is not falling into a routine. You jump on Skype or Facetime every night at 6 pm. You visit each other every other weekend. You talk about the same things on the phone. Monotony can be an issue in traditional relationships, but they can be extra prevalent in long-distance relationships.

So, an important thing you can do is to keep things fresh! Even switching the times you talk can be impactful. When you visit, why not meet in a different city between you both (if in driving distance)?

Being spontaneous can help keep the relationship passionate and gives you the opportunity to build unique memories and experiences.

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Utilize Technology

Nowadays, technology can play a big part in our relationships, but they are almost a requirement in long-distance relationships!

First, you’ll want to find a reliable way to talk to each other. If you both have iPhones, Facetime might be the best. If you are using a computer, there are a plethora of options like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype. We suggest trying a few options out to see which one works best for you and your partner. Or, if you want to stay spontaneous, you can try a different one each time you talk!

Using your phones can be another way keep your relationship strong! You can use voice recordings, video clips, Snapchat, or Instagram, just to name a few.

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Be Unique – Find Unique Ways to Spend Virtual Time Together

Even if you are miles and miles apart, date night is still an important part of your long-distance relationship! Creative ideas can keep the passion alive and make you feel more “present”.

You could watch the same movie or show at the same time while you both munch on the same snack.

You both could visit the local zoo in your city and video chat while you walk through the park.

You could purchase some conversation starters or board games that you can play virtually together.

You can send your partner a gift and video call them while they open it!

Heck, you can even go to the same restaurant in your respective cities at the same time and talk about the people around you!

You even could use Crated with Love! We’ve had couples buy two subscriptions and open up their boxes together to virtually do the activities.

There are always options, the most important part is being creative and unique!

Wrap Up

Long-distance relationships can seem tough, but they are not impossible by any means. In fact, you have the opportunity to build an even STRONGER relationship because you both are thinking outside of the box in terms of ideas! All you need is love and dedication, everything else is just an opportunity to grow closer together!

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