Question: What is the best way to build trust?


Building trust may be one the most important aspects of your relationship because everything can stem from it. The more you trust each other the more willing you may be to develop your communication and teamwork. A strong level of trust can help you both open up more and can help encourage intimacy as well.

Having said that, trust can also be the hardest thing to develop within your relationship for a couple of reasons.

When you take a look at the factors that can affect mutual trust, three things come to mind:

1. Time: You could be the perfect fit, but trust will still take time to build and the amount of time it takes can very from person to person.

2. Your Past Experiences: The amount of time it takes for you to trust someone has a lot to do with past experiences, both good and bad. Your past relationships (both platonic and romantic) can cause you to approach new or future relationships in different ways. If you have been hurt by someone in the past, your natural reaction may be to protect yourself from being hurt in the future, which affects how long it may take for you to trust someone new.

3. Your Partner’s Actions: Trust can be a very fragile part of your relationship. It can take a long time to develop, but a very short time to crumble. If you have emotionally invested in someone and have built up trust with them, and they do something to break that trust, it can take even longer to repair.

So, when you think about how you can build trust in your relationship, think about the things above.

It Takes Two

We’ve all heard the phrase, “it takes two to tango”. Well, there is a reason why it is so often used. When talking about trust, you both need to be onboard when it comes to strengthening it. Building trust takes time and commitment from both parties. It doesn’t mean that you both have to be perfect, but it does mean being honest and putting in the effort.

If one of you isn’t serious about building trust, then you will go nowhere. Having open lines of communication about your progress is key and it will help keep you both accountable.

It Starts with You

Yes, you both need to be committed, but the initial work is internal. To start, you’ll need to go back and look at those factors we talked about in the beginning. Those things will help you better understand why there is a trust gap in your relationship.

If you have trust issues because of events in your past, be honest and upfront about them.

If your partner has hurt you, and that’s the reason why trust isn’t growing, be upfront about that as well. Have the conversation with your partner.

If you have hurt your partner which is causing them to not trust you, again, be honest with yourself. Make amends and take ownership.

It Takes Time

Like we talked about earlier, it can take a long time to build trust, especially if you or your partner have personal and past issues that are affecting it. Be patient and work together. You won’t be perfect, but as long as you are committed to growth, you can build the trust. Even if there are a bumps along the way and you or your partners slip, confront the issue and use it as an opportunity to grow stronger.

Things You Can Do to Build Trust

Trust and intimacy go hand in hand (literally). Find time to do activities that promote either trust and/or intimacy.

Physical contact can help boost oxytocin in your body which can help build intimacy and develop trust. You can walk around the neighborhood and hold hands or cuddle on the couch while you watch a movie.

Laughter can be another way to build a stronger bond, which can lead to stronger trust. Don’t be afraid to be goofy or cheesy. Having fun and laughing together can help break down walls and barriers and allow you to get closer!

To end, and this is the reason why we exist, we want to encourage you to continuously date each other. Date night is so powerful at helping to build a stronger relationship. The content we’ve talked about above is exactly what we try and do in every Crated with Love date we create! So don’t let date night slip away!

For more on trust, we suggest this article by the Gottman Institute.

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Stay up to date with relationship tips, date night ideas, and special promos from Crated with Love?


Stay up to date with relationship tips, date night ideas, and special promos from Crated with Love?


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