Believe it or not, arguing with your significant other can actually be healthy. In fact, it is a bigger warning sign if you don’t. The trick is to transform that argument into an opportunity for you to grow as a couple. So here we go!  5 Ways Arguments Can Benefit Relationships!

Understand Why You are Arguing

The very first thing to do is to recognize the reason. What is the root of the problem? If the argument is over something small or petty, or if it erupted all of a sudden, there could be an underlying issue. Maybe your partner is having a bad day and is deflecting that frustration onto you. Maybe there is a bigger issue the other person is having a hard time expressing. The sooner you both can identify the reason for the argument, the faster you can resolve it.

Listen to Your Partner

In order to fix the problem, you need to listen to what your partner is saying. Think of it like a car that needs to be fixed. You can tell the car isn’t running properly just by trying to drive it, but you won’t be able to tell where it’s broken unless you listen to where the noises are coming from. There will be no resolution if you ignore what your partner is saying and are only focused on getting your point across.

Stay on Topic and Don’t Bring up Irrelevant Issues

It is easy to jump from scenario to scenario, but how does that help the current problem? Staying on topic will help you both identify where the issue is. Bringing up problems in the past only creates a more convoluted situation and will not add any benefit.

Respect Your Partner

There is a difference between an argument and a fight. Arguing should be the expression of your feelings to your significant other. The second you say or do something hurtful to your partner, the argument can turn toxic and you can create a larger problem. Think before you talk or act. If you let your emotions get the best of you, you may say something or do something you did not intend. Remember that you are still a team, even when you argue. Respecting your partner will help show them that you are still there to support them, even when there is an issue.

Take Some Time to Decompress

If the argument is getting too heated, it may be better to take a few minutes to be alone to collect your thoughts. Our minds act differently when our emotions are out of control. Taking some time to be by yourself can help you calm down and will help create a more rational thought process.

BONUS: Never Go to Bed Angry

Ok, so this may be a little cliché, but it’s true. As a guy, sometimes it’s hard for me to put my pride aside. We (speaking for everyone) don’t like to admit when we are wrong and some of us will hold on until the end. Want to see something amazing? The next time you find yourself going to bed mad, try turning to your partner and giving them a kiss. Tell them you are sorry that the situation was elevated and that you do not want to hurt the relationship. Tell them that you want to grow as a couple. If you are sincere and if you are able to put your pride aside, an argument can actually help improve your relationship.

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Happy Dating!


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