5 Fun Ways To Reconnect With Your Partner Over The Holidays

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Couple smiling and looking at each other in the snow

Feeling connected to your partner over the holidays can be hard. When we imagine the festive season and Christmas with our partner, our minds skip to snuggling up next to the fire, hiding lovingly-chosen presents under the decorating tree, and drinking eggnog as the evenings draw in.

But all too often, this dream of the holidays is replaced by a stark reality: rushing around trying to see every family member possible, having to go to after work Christmas parties that you really don’t want to be at, present-shopping, and heated arguments on Christmas Day because one of you left the turkey in the oven for too long.

The end result is that, at a time where the idealized image of Christmas romance is shoved in our faces by a million Christmas rom-coms, we end up feeling more disconnected from our partners than ever.

In this post, we’ve come up with five simple but fun and effective ways to reconnect with your partner over the holidays!

1. Plan a romantic date night

That’s right — clear your schedule! Not every date in your Christmas diary needs to be dedicated to seeing the in-laws or hanging out with your nephews or going for yet more Christmas drinks with your colleagues.

Take some quality time to appreciate your other half during the festive season and plan a romantic date. Clear an evening in both of your calendars (definitely check your partner’s as well before booking anything, otherwise, you’re not off to a great start) and get romantic.

Obviously, what one couple finds romantic, another will find cheesy, so find something that suits you and your relationship. This could be a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant, ice-skating on the lake together or snuggled with a movie and popcorn. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you’re struggling with ideas for a romantic date night, or just want something a bit different, then a date night box subscription can help bring the simplicity and romance back into your relationship with prepared games and activities. Each box comes with four to six date night ideas that focus on strengthening your relationship through fun, laughter, and creativity.

2. Create your own special Holiday traditions

Creating your own special Holiday traditions will help you to connect and strengthen your relationship.

You probably already have Christmas traditions that you share with your families — habits or customs that you had growing up that have stuck with you. But creating a special holiday ritual with your partner is something private that only you share; something you can do together and bond over. It also symbolizes that your partner is the family you are choosing for the future — to spend your time with, create traditions, and to potentially grow a family together.

The Holiday traditions you make are up to you both (and you might have some already). Perhaps you could choose your Christmas tree together, or pick a different ornament for the tree every year. It could be that you set a theme for a present, or it could be centered around your love of food: a particular treat or dish that you both love and cook together.

3. Dedicate simple, quality time to each other

Reconnecting with your partner over the Holidays isn’t about huge romantic gestures and elaborate plans. It’s about spending simple, quality time together.

During the festive period, we often relegate our relationships to the scraps of time that are left over after we’re done with our social obligations. A mealtime here, a half-hour before bedtime there. Before you know it, it’s January, and you feel like you’ve barely seen your significant other.

Feeling like you’re disconnected from your partner and your relationship can happen easily. If you feel like this has almost gotten to the point of no-return, then there’s no shame in spending some time on couples counseling or love-coaching to get your relationship back on track. Most couples will be able to reconnect again after dedicating consistent quality time with each other.

You can do this with little changes here and there. For example, if you’re mapping out your social calendar for the next few weeks, you can reserve evenings and date times for just you and your partner to relax and enjoy the time together. Yes, these can happen spontaneously, but free time gets more and more unusual in the build-up to Christmas.

Writing dedicated “us” time into your diary will help you to avoid feeling disconnected down to a cluttered December calendar. Instead, promise to be present with either; spend time catching up over a homemade meal, watching a film together or having a games night. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

4. Get creative together with a crafternoon

There’s something very satisfying about making something together and Christmas is the perfect time to get crafty! So embrace your inner creatives and have a couple’s crafternoon!

There are all sorts of Christmassy things you can craft together: homemade ornaments for the tree, or festive decorations for your house. You could make your own wreath for the door, or cut-out snowflake patterns for the windows — there are many exciting options, depending on how creative you want to get!

Crafting is a great idea for presents for your families too; people love thoughtful homemade gifts (and it’s a great way of being frugal at Christmas too if you’re trying to save up for something big like a house). You can bake your own festive treats like cakes and cookies, make your own Christmassy spiced sloe gin, or put together some beautiful photo collages of your family.

Christmas cards are fun and easy to make too, so why not make your own personalized Christmas cards? It’s a fun way to bond as you get stuck into the glitter, colored card, and pom-poms; what’s not to love?

5. Take a walk in nature together

For many of us, Christmas is a chilly time of year, and it’s all too easy to stay indoors wrapped up for most of the festive season.

While that sounds great in principle, staying cooped up inside can make you feel stuffy and irritable with your loved one pretty quickly, especially at a point when tensions may be running high due to an increase of time spent with the in-laws, shopping for gifts, and financial worries.

Blow the cobwebs away, and take your significant other for a nature-filled walk in the great outdoors!

There’s nothing better than taking a walk in the crisp winter air — crunching through frost-covered grass and surrounded by stark, trees. Plus, spending time in nature has a positive impact on your general wellbeing and mood.

If you can get to some mountains or a national park, all the better, but if you live in a city then you can always take the car or a bus out to the countryside, or find a big park or green (or white if it’s snowing) space to walk through.


The Holidays can be a difficult time for any couple, especially if you’re already feeling disconnected. Follow these five simple but fun tips to reconnect with your partner over the festive period, and you’ll find much more love and romance in your life this Christmas.

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