You and Me in Yosemite



You and Me in Yosemite

Just a short drive north of the Crated with Love HQ is the beautiful Yosemite National Park! With the You and Me in Yosemite box, you and your partner will test your survival skills, create your own adventure map, and see who can build the best shelter (plus much more), all from the comfort from your home. Order one today to start your Yosemite adventure!


Relationship Focus: Adding adventure!

Let’s face it, sometimes, we need a change of pace! This box focuses on how to add adventure to your relationship by highlighting the beauty of one the world’s most magnificent natural destinations!


This date is perfect for couples…

The You and Me in Yosemite date is perfect for couples that like the outdoors, national parks, strategy, or just likes to add a little adventure and competition to the relationship!


Allergen Info: This box does not contain any food items.

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