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When in Rome


When in Rome

Who says you need to travel halfway across the world for an adventure? The When in Rome date sends you and your significant other on a journey to visit some of Rome’s most prominent sites, each having a special challenge associated with them. Prepare for your expedition to Italy and get ready for a lot of amore!

Relationship Focus: Adding a Little Adventure

Adding some adventure to your relationship is a great way to build memories and create experiences together. Many times, however, we think that in order to create adventure, we need to travel to far away places, when in fact, you and your loved one can have that same excitement from your home! All you need is a willingness to learn and a little love! Are you ready for your When in Rome adventure?

Allergen Info: Box contains pasta but it is not essential to the completion of any of the activities. The pasta is just a bonus! Please read all packaging and ingredients before consumption.

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