Our Vegas Variety Show Date Night



Our Vegas Variety Show Date Night

You both have been chosen to headline your very own variety show in Las Vegas! Millions of people will travel from all around the world to watch you! Isn’t that amazing?

But before you jump on stage, you’ll need to create the show. With this month’s box, we are going to help you create the best variety show in four categories: Impressions, Magic, Acrobatics, and Comedy. Let’s get started!


Relationship Focus: Adapting Your Relationship

With the best variety shows, everyone in the audience will find at least one thing to capture them. Within your relationship, it’s also good to have different areas to connect with.

Some moments may require more romance while others will call for laughter and spontaneity. Sometimes you’ll need a best friend and other times you’ll need a trusty assistant to help you with a magic trick. Keeping your love fresh and finding different ways to connect with each other is an important part of building a strong, well rounded relationship.


This date is perfect for couples…

The Our Vegas Variety Show date night box is perfect for couples who love Vegas, card and word games, or any couple who loves to laugh at dad jokes!


Allergen Info: This box does not contain any food items.

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