Our Sweetheart Safari


Our Sweetheart Safari

Congratulations! You both have won a safari into the depths of the jungle (from the comfort of your living room, of course)! You know, love is a lot like a jungle. It’s beautiful, sometimes a little scary, a lot of weird noises, and you never know quite what to expect! This month, we are going to explore this relationship rainforest!

To be excellent safari explorers, you must utilize the skills you’ve gained in the past, work together, and have a good plan! The jungle is filled with dangerous obstacles and pitfalls, but as long as you work together, you can easily survive!

So, let’s get ready! Your plane is here to pick you up (yes, it’s one of those tiny planes that holds 3 people). Next stop: the middle of the jungle!

This date is perfect for couples who…

The Our Sweetheart Safari date box is perfect for couples who love adventure, competition, and of course, sloths!


Allergen Info: This box contains no food items.

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