Retro Game Show Date Night Box

The Retro Game Show Date Night Box

As television gained popularity in the 1950’s, so too did game shows! With this theme, you and your partner will be given four separate game show type games to play with one another. With each game you complete, you earn points. Your objective is to complete this box with as many points as possible!

The beauty about this theme is that you can do this entire date over and over again to try and improve your score. Every time you play, you’ll also be improving your relationship! Let the games begin!


Relationship Focus: Discovery

This date focuses on discovery and learning new things about your partner. Our goal with this box is for you to walk away with a few new facts about your partner or reinforce the connection you already have with each other. Even if you have been together for decades, there are always new things to learn about your partner and consistently searching for those things will help you build a stronger connection.


This date is perfect for couples who…

The Retro Game Show Date Night box is perfect for couples who love game shows, board games, trivia, and being silly!


Allergen Info: This box does not contain any food items.


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