Pizza Chinese Food Movie Night


Pizza Chinese Food Movie Night

Does the name seem kind of odd? Well this date is based on an experience the Crated with Love founders, Tyler and Michelle, had when they were dating. Early on in their relationship, they would have a weekly movie night. The only problem was each wanted a different cuisine for dinner. So, they would each choose their own dish and split it. They loved it so much that it even became one of their date night traditions! This date is all about problem solving and conflict resolution, and of course, pizza! The activities and games within this box will help you and your partner work together to create some of your very own movie night traditions!

Each box comes with a mermaid pillow case so that you can create your own movie night pillow, but the stuffing is not included. You can get one HERE for under $10.

This date is perfect for couples who…

The Pizza Chinese Food Movie Night box is perfect for couples who love movie night and who like to make new traditions and special date nights together. It also helps if you love pizza!


Allergen Info: This box contains no food items.

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