The Honolulu Heist Date Night Box

The Honolulu Heist Date Night Box

You just landed on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, but this is not a vacation. You and your partner are the country’s top crime-solving duo and you have been flown into Honolulu to help solve a case.

$2,000,000 was stolen from a local bank and it is up to you to find out who did it by using the clues and the suspect statements in this box. Each “challenge” takes place at a different location around the island and each has significance to the case.


Relationship Focus: Problem Solving as a Couple

As a couple, you will be constantly problem-solving together, whether you realize it or not. Sometimes it can be small things like what to have for dinner or what movie to watch. Other times, they will be life-altering decisions. The Honolulu Heist date night box focuses on helping you problem solve as a couple, thinking through obstacles and trying to look at the “crime scene” through different perspectives. The goal is to work together to solve the case, just like you do on a daily basis together!


This date is perfect for couples who…

The Honolulu Heist datebox is perfect for couples who love mystery, solving crimes, or just love Hawaii and tropical destinations!


Allergen Info: This box does not contain any food items.


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