Date Night Digital Subscription

Only $2 a month if added as an add-on to our date night box subscription!

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$5.00 / month

We know how powerful weekly couple time can be, so with our Date Night Digital subscription, we make it as easy (and as fun) as possible! Here’s how it works:


1.)  Simply sign up for the subscription ($5 is cheaper than a fancy cup of coffee, we got your back)!

2.) As soon as you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to create your own custom relationship profile. Please make sure is added to your contacts. We don’t want you to miss an email!

3. ) Twice a week, you will receive an email that includes one Ice Breaker challenge and one Reconnect challenge customized based on your profile. Each Ice Breaker challenge takes about 2 minutes to accomplish and is meant to, well, break the ice! The Reconnect challenge takes about 10-15 minutes and focuses on strengthening a particular part of your relationship (don’t worry, we make it fun). In addition, every week will include advice and relationship tips from experts and therapists and we will even be answering questions from our subscribers!

That’s it! Super easy!