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Postcards from You

As April came to an end, our subscribers arrived back from their “trip” to Sydney, Australia. While they were visiting the Land Down Under and experiencing new things such as Vegemite and a tour of the Sydney Opera House, we asked them to send back postcards with some advice they have for other couples when it comes to continuously growing closer together.

One couple from New York said, “This bloke likes to spend time with his sheila. It was rippa. Have a walkabout 3-4 times a year.” At first, that might sounds like Aussie nonsense, but it all boils down to spending more time together and getting out of your comfort zone, as another couple from Texas advised, “put away all the screens, get outside, and take walks together!”

In addition to just getting out and exploring the world around you, other couples wrote back that it’s important to, “learn new things together,” “be vulnerable,” and, “travel together, laugh together, and spend time together,” as advice for strengthening your relationship.

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the everyday routine and your relationship slowly loses its priority in life, the best way to avoid that is to, “enjoy every moment and experience – no matter how big or small it may seem.” “Just spend time together, even if it’s doing mundane chores. Make each other laugh and have fun! (P.S. avoid vegemite!!)”

And finally, we will leave you with these final pieces of advice:

“Find time to be silly with each other and never forget why you fell in love!”

“Never take life too seriously, have fun, and always make time to go out on a date. Don’t let the magic die.”

“Eat, pray, sleep together. Get on the same schedule and care for each other’s needs and interests. Put the screens away [and make] quality time.”

“Keep an open line of communication and surrender everyday to God and self.”

“Never stop looking for new things to do. Sharing experiences together helps you grow together and build memories.”

“Don’t stay home too many weekends in a row!”

“The best way to grow closer is to keep doing spontaneous activities together! I never forget the weird challenges  we verse each other in. It keeps the relationship exciting and it never gets dull! Playing together creates new connections that will never vanish.”


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