Crated with Love Review: Tea for Two

This Crated with Love Review focuses on our classic Tea for Two crate. The Tea for Two crate is one of our favorites because it’s fun and simple! It does not require a lot of running around or movement. In fact, this date is set up to be in a nice quiet area where you and your significant other can enjoy each other’s company.

Choosing the location for this date is crucial. You want to choose an area that is quiet and free from any distractions (we suggest putting the phone a way for a few moments). Although you will need some light in the first few activities, this date is perfect for outside around dusk, right before the sun is setting.

Just like every box we do, the Tea for Two crate is broken down into three areas: The Date Night Host, the theme and its items, and of course, the activities.

The Host: Raizana Tea Company

Raizana Tea Company creates hand crafted tea blends for enthusiasts all over the world! Each blend that they create has a special purpose. For the crates, we chose the TranquilyTea blend (get it). We wanted to create an intimate, soothing atmosphere, so this blend was perfect! The TranquilyTea includes passionflower, linden, and chamomile. It is caffeine free and is perfect for creating a calming environment for you and your significant other’s Tea for Two date. Raizana really describes blend well:

“If you’re wound up too tight at the end of the day, take a deep breath while you enjoy this soothing blend with exquisite aromas. TranquilyTea is our delicious natural blend for relaxation. Get natural relief from the anxiety and stress of everyday life with our delicious & relaxing tea.”

Crated with Love Review

Raizana Tea Company

To find out more about where the ingredients come from and what they do, visit their site HERE.

One of the most important reasons we asked Raizana to be a host, however, was their dedication to their community and their customers. They actively engage with their users and are always seeking what’s best for their community, and we really admire that! They are the perfect host and we are honored to have them in our crates!

The Items: Delicious Tea and Scrumptious Snacks!

The Tea for Two crate comes with a 1-ounce bag of TranquilyTea. This may not seem like much, but this will actually last about 14 servings, which means you and your significant other can have 7 full tea for two date nights! Since the tea is loose leaf, we’ve also included two heart-shaped infusers that you can use to brew your tea. And in case you like your tea a little sweeter, there are two lemon honey sticks in each crate.

To give you something a little scrumptious to snack on, we include Dolcetto Lemon Wafer Bites and a Lady Walton Wafer to share. Pairing these snacks with Raizana’s TranquilyTea makes this crate perfect for an after dinner dessert date!

Crated with Love Review

The Activities: Communication, is Key!

There are four activities in the crate. Each one of them helps build your communications skills in ways you may not have ever thought of. Now, we can’t tell you what those activities are (the surprise factor plays a large role in the spontaneity of the date), but we can say that you are going to laugh a lot while growing closer to your partner.

These activities will test your nonverbal communications skills, your teamwork skills, your eye contact, and many other important factors to communication.

Crated with Love Review

Who Should Use this Crate?

If you love tea, you will love this date! Having said that, even if you’re not the biggest tea drinker, this date is set up perfect for couples who want to relax, enjoy some intimate time together, and improve their relationship. In terms of effort, this date is very low maintenance and can be done any day of the week at any time.

Ready to give the Tea for Two crate a try? Click HERE to order your date today! To read another Crated with Love Review, click HERE!

Happy Dating!


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