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Date Box Sub - 1 Year
Adam Romelczyk
Crated with love

Decided to get year long date night box subscription for my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years. We had a blast while going through the first box the other day. I’m looking forward to the rest.

Summer of Love
Tanya White
Duplicate surprise box

I placed an order for the date night cards and opted in for the surprise box. Unfortunately, I also ordered a surprise box with my order in December and was sent the same box this month.

Choose for me
John Domenic
Madame Medora's House of Curiosities - I really wanted to love this...

I gave this to my wife as a Christmas gift, thinking it would be a fun activity to do together. We do many other boxed mysteries, and we always have fun. This one, however, was way over our head. I have no idea how we were supposed to figure out how to solve any of the clues. For instance, one of the puzzles had us decoding different color butterflies in different positions. Using the answers from the hint book (because we couldn't figure it out), it turns out that one of the butterflies of the same color, pointing in the same direction actually yielded two different values. How is that even possible? Honestly, beyond the very first puzzle, we couldn't figure out a single one. Maybe we're just too dumb, but this was supposed to be an hour or two of fun. It turned out to be 4+ hours of drudgery and repeated failure. I guess it did connect us a little in that we were both equally miserable while playing it. lol.

We still have the Space Adventure to do, and as I understand it, that's more mini-game oriented. So maybe we'll have better luck with that one. Your hearts are in the right place, but I think maybe you need to dumb down the material a little for your "escape room" boxes. Thanks!

Our Ancient Odyssey
David Workman
Greek Oddest Date Night

The night was delightful. The prompts for game playing pushed us out of a “come-home-watch TV” rut. I gave this to my wife as a Christmas gift and the idea that I wanted to work to strengthen our relationship made her get pretty teary. She got teary again when she realized it was a subscription. Thanks CwL!

Choose for me
Gabriel Llamas
fun and challenging night

we love puzzles and mysteries. this was great. not too easy and definitely a challenge, but was really fun

Date Box Sub
Scott Kern
Finger knitting - horrible instructions! Give that one up now!

Seriously - give up the finger knitting until you get better instructions. diagram is awful video is terrible. Just give it up and do something different that is actually enjoyable.

Choose for me
Kayla Tenbrook

I LOVE! These date night boxes. They're such a staple in my life they have become my number one gift givers too. You won't be disappointed!

So much fun!

This was an amazing way to spend a night without screens and just having quality time with each other. Absolutely loved it.

Amazing dates!

We’ve done 3 of the date boxes now- all are so different and so much fun. They are very creative and well done- we can’t wait to do more!

Date Box Sub
Jocelyn McCarty

Gyoutud I

Choose for me
Colleen Mackey

Choose for me

So worth it!!

We got so much more than we ever expected for the little it cost to do the 6 month subscription. Our first date night game was so incredibly well-constructed and fun that we didn't even notice when 3 hours had gone by! Seriously, this is the perfect thing for a couple looking for a fun, super affordable, date night at home. HIGHLY recommend.

Choose for me
Alexandra Henninger
Had so much fun with the awkward years

My partner and I did the awkward years date tonight and really enjoyed it! We had a little competition, a little romance, a little silliness, a little deep conversation, and overall, a lot of fun! We combined the box with dinner and spend a solid 4 hours eating, playing, and talking. It had a great variety of activities and encouraged conversation about topics that probably wouldn't have come up otherwise. As an LGBT couple, we appreciated that none of the activities were gendered. Thank you so much for a quality date night! I had purchased like 8 boxes as a black friday sale, but I will probably sign up for the monthly subscription if the others are similar quality to this one.

Choose for me
Gretchen Wagner
Madame Medora

We did this as a family and really enjoyed all the puzzles, which were each distinct and each just the right amount of tricky. All the aspects of the date were very high quality -- all the materials and the flow of the puzzles. I am excited to try some of the other dates too, this one was so fun and engaging!

Choose for me
Molly Grant

My boyfriend and I have never had so much fun and laughed so hard! Our box was filled with such fun ideas to get to know each other more & to just be silly!!! We had the best time! We can’t wait to dive into our next box & buy some boxes for our couple friends! :)

Felt thrown together

We were both excited about the theme idea and we had some wonderful conversations throughout the night, but the finger knitting was very poorly explained and we both felt very frustrated by the paper/video instructions. We gave up because it was killing the “hygge” vibe.

least fun yet

The activities in this latest box had no point. They were not fun. There was an activity to choose which combination of cards was funniest but not a single choice was funny at all. We are extremely disappointed in this waste of money and tume

Choose for me
Courtney Crandall

Choose for me

Choose for me
Adds fun to our date nights

We have had great fun bringing the games into our date nights! We are having such fun conversations. The games bring us closer together.

Destination: Space
Keily Blair
No Instructions

We got a bunch of activities with zero instruction. So much for date night. Twenty dollars wasted on a box of junk, basically.

House of Curiosities

Level was far more difficult than we wanted to enjoy a relaxing night. And we were missing one of the clue envelopes. Only 5 in the package. The red envelope was missing


Honestly a great time

We had a lot of fun playing the activities together

ok but overpriced

These games are one offs which makes the price quite high. Wait until they go on sale at about a third regular price. Otherwise they can be fun activities.

Too Difficult

My boyfriend and I are frequent escape room goers, and this box was far too hard. We relied on the clues a lot and it took us about 2 hours.