New Year, New You! 10 Ways to Conquer 2017!

You know the saying, “New year, new me!” We’ve all heard it and have probably said it with the start of every new year! But what’s the difference between all the years we’ve chanted that saying and this year? Well, this year, we are ACTUALLY going to mean it!!

Was 2016 not your year? Not to worry! Trust me, it was definitely not mine either! But that’s okay because it’s 2017- a brand new year for us to rock! Here are 10 ways to help create a, “New you,” and to also conquer 2017! Ready… Set… Go!

      Don’t forget that you are beautiful and unique

There is nobody in the world quite like you! You are an original work of art; priceless and precious.

      Do the things you love

I LOVE shopping! I absolutely love it. If I won the lottery, half of my winnings would go to home decor, the other would go to a new wardrobe. But I can’t shop all the time, so I’ll shop in my closet! Say what? I go through my closet and make new outfits! Or maybe you love painting, dancing, singing, writing… whatever it may be, make sure you do it! Life is too short to not do what you love!

      Make time for yourself

I get it, our schedules can be hectic. Adulting is hard! I never signed up for this! Even though we have crazy schedules, don’t get too consumed in what needs to get done that you’re completely leaving out time for yourself. Set aside time each day, week or as your schedule permits, where you can just enjoy some quiet time or “me,” time.

      Get healthy

Take up a Zumba or Spin class at your local gym, or just take 30 minutes walking around your neighborhood. Get a group of friends together and get moving! Or, if there happens to be a boot camp class exercising in your local park, sneakily try to crash the course. (Yes, that was a, “Bridesmaids,” reference.) When you feel good, it shows! Who doesn’t love feeling good? Not to mention, looking good!

      Forgive yourself when you mess up

Ever met a perfect person? Neither have I! We ALL make mistakes, let’s just get that out there. How does that Hannah Montana song go? “Nobody’s perfect!” With that being said, give yourself a break when things go wrong. Get back up and try again!

      Forgive others

 When others do us dirty, holding a grudge may seem like a first-response reaction. Harboring negative feelings towards people and situations can negatively affect our emotional well-being. Forgive the person(s), move on and enjoy your beautiful life!

      Be unapologetically you

 Don’t apologize for your quirkiness, passionate personality, likes, dislikes or anything that makes you… you! If they can’t handle what makes you amazing, then they don’t deserve you.

      Make a bumpin’ playlist

What are your favorite songs? What songs make you feel good? Play them on your way to work, while you’re getting ready or while you’re doing chores around the house to make your day a little brighter! Feel free to have a dance party, too!

      Write love notes to yourself

 Leave yourself positive, sweet and loving notes throughout the day! Place them in places where you are mostly found. You can place them on your mirror, in your binder, in your lunch bag… anywhere you see fit to leave yourself a little reminder of how awesome you are. Self-love is important! Love yourself! One of the most important relationships you’ll ever have begins with the person in the mirror: Y O U

  Delete the toxicity

 The new year is all about starting fresh! Start fresh by getting rid of things that might be weighing you down. You don’t have time to get down, only if it’s on a dance floor! Don’t get tripped up by past mistakes, hurt and heartbreak! Continually look forward to the bright horizon, of your future, that is ahead of you!



Remember to stay strong and positive this year! I know 2017 will be the best year yet! Now, let’s get up and make 2017 OUR YEAR!!!  Happy, happy new year!


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