My Sticky Quotes

The One Simple Way to Make the World (and Your Relationship) Happier!

Those surprise words of affirmation can go a long way in building trust in your relationship and can be as simple as writing a note. You can use a napkin, write a message on the mirror, or our favorite, leave a My Sticky Quote.

My Sticky Quotes

My Sticky Quotes is a company that focuses on inspiring others with their fun sticky notes. With products ranging from “Fitness Motivation” to “Engaging Office” there is something for every person in your life. The random act of kindness My Sticky Quotes promotes is sure to brighten anyone’s day! In the words of Margo Chabot, founder of Project Goodness:

“They hold so much potential to uplift and inspire, and are the perfect little reminders, that can make a moment and turn around a day. It’s amazing what adding and sharing a little encouragement can do!”

My Sticky Quotes

You can find a sample of My Sticky Quotes’ “Love Letters” within our Stuck on You theme, which are perfect for leaving a little romantic message for your special someone when they least expect.

Michael Russo, founder of My Sticky Quotes, started the company while studying philosophy at Molloy College in New York. After sticking his own inspirational quotes at different places, he realized how powerful they could be.

“I was sticking these instant happy notes everywhere – all over the Morgan Stanley office where I once interned; in every classroom at Molloy College; and just about anywhere else I’ve gone since January 2014 when I started…The stick quote note idea was [is] my simply yet effective way to make the world a happier place.”

So start your inspirational journey today. Leave a My Sticky Quote for someone you love and do your part to make the world a happier place!

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