The most important thing we try and do at Crated with Love is to help provide a unique and special moment for our couples. An experience that they can look back to with laughter and compassion, remembering how important those moments are to their relationship.

Michelle and I founded Crated with Love under that motive and it is something we try and incorporate into our relationship every day.

When we were planning our wedding, Michelle and I wanted everything to be perfect. Most importantly though, we want to make sure we could look back and remember what would be one of the most significant moment of our lives. After listening to friends and family members talk about how quickly the wedding would go by, we knew one thing: we needed to make sure we had amazing photos. After all, the photos are really the only thing we’d have to remember that day.

Well, everyone was right. Everything happened so fast and just like that, the wedding was over. Don’t even get me started on the cake I spent forever picking out, and yet did not receive a piece (piece of advice for all you other cake connoisseurs: grab a piece and hide it).

Luckily, we found an amazing photographer who captured every angle and moment we had asked for, and more! When Michelle and I first got to look at the shots, a flood of emotions came back to us as we reminisced on our wedding.

Then came the pricing.

We invested in a fantastic photographer, but didn’t think about the prints, the files, or the wedding book. Well, maybe we did, but it was one of those things you just push off to the side until the moment comes.

How are we going to spend hundreds of dollars on a photo book after the cost of the wedding? Did we have a choice?

Luckily, Michelle is one of the smartest and most savvy people I know (hence the marriage), and after a lot of research, she suggested we look into skipping the photo book from the photographer and use Mixbook instead.

And you know what, it was amazing! We made a date night out of creating the book online, and now it sits on our coffee table whenever we want to give it a peek. Mixbook has everything you need for your wedding from photos books and invites, to home decor. They offer coordinating wedding card suites like save the dates, invitations, RSVPs, and more!

Michelle, an avid scrapbooker, has since converted to creating a Mixbook for every vacation or special event we take photos of.

So, for this Valentine’s Day, I wanted to do something special for our couples at Crated with Love. We reached out to Mixbook, hoping to partner and share with our members the same experience Michelle and I had with our wedding.

Not only do they have amazing products, but amazing people as well and have offered all our Crated with Love couples a free 6×6 photo book (click here to get the free photo book).

So, whether it’s Valentine’s Day or the next vacation, don’t forget to take pictures, and don’t forget to make them special. Give Mixbook a go!