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Compensation and Hours

Although this is a paid position, we are looking for individuals who want to grow with Crated with Love. This will be an entry-level position at first, but there will be an opportunity for quick growth based on performance.


Hourly Wage: Based on experience. There is also an opportunity to earn up to 5% ownership of Crated with Love based on performance.


Hours Per Week: 10-12 with complete schedule flexibility


Job Description

Crated with Love is looking for passionate, driven individuals who want to further their development within the social media and marketing space. Crated with Love focuses on providing couples with smart, funny, and compassionate information to help strengthen their relationship. We are looking for someone that shares that motivation and can deliver our message through digital marketing campaigns and social media.


The ideal candidate will have a thorough understanding of all social media platforms and how to use them effectively, a basic understanding of digital marketing practices, the ability to create unique and engaging content including blogs, and a passion for romance and relationships. You have great communication skills, and you are excited about new opportunities to grow and strengthen your personal skill set. You love the challenge of creating content that our couples will get excited about and you consistently strive to achieve goals.


Candidates will need to effectively manage and allocate marketing campaign budgets while planning for future projects. This position will work with and report directly to our CEO.



Duties and Responsibilities


Perks to the Job


Characteristics We Need


Characteristics We Want


Interested in Applying?

Crated with Love is all about strong relationships, so we care most about finding the right people to fit our culture. If you think you could be perfect for Crated with Love and are excited about being a part of a quickly growing startup, please do the following:


Take this personality test (report in application)



Submit application

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