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Is Your Relationship Getting Boring: 3 Warning Signs

Is Your Relationship Boring: 3 Warning Signs

Is Your Relationship Getting Boring?

The first few years of your relationship were amazing. You were inseparable. Days were spent enjoying this new experience of love and excitement. Every date was a new adventure as you got to know a little more about each other’s interests, dreams, fears, and goals.

Let’s flash forward five years later. Don’t get me wrong, that love is still there, but now it feels like Life is taking over. Trust me, my wife and I went through the exact same thing. Now you have to worry about bills, rent, mortgages, and budgeting for car repairs and grocery shopping. Maybe you decided to take the leap into marriage, and maybe you have some little ones running around. Now, date night is going out to the same restaurant every month or an escape to the movies. What was once a spontaneous expedition falling in love has turned routine. Well, guess what? That’s normal! However, keeping your relationship thriving requires a little break in the monotony, and it is pretty dang easy to do. Here are 3 warning signs that your relationship is getting a little too routine, and some suggestions how to spark a little excitement back into your love.

#1 You Can Set a Clock to Your “Couple Time”


Does every day feel like the same routine? You each get up, brush your teeth, get dressed, and go to work. When you get home, you hop and the couch, pull up the DVR and watch one of “your shows”, all the while browsing ESPN.com or Facebook. Every day, the conversations are the same. Good morning, how’d you sleep? How was work? What’s our plan for dinner? And my favorite, did we get any mail?

One Solution: Implement some fun activities. One of my favorites is “High/Low”. When you are sitting down to eat dinner each person gives their favorite and least favorite experiences of the day. Instead of just having the same dinner, introduce a special cuisine every night. We’ve all heard of Taco Tuesday, but have you heard of Frittata Friday?

Basically, the whole point is to create new, exciting memories. If you take the time to change your routine and spend time together, you can break the monotonous schedule we can sometimes fall into. Remember to laugh and have fun. Often the corny, random activities are the ones that work the most.

#2 You Have Nothing to Talk About


Does it feel like most of your conversations include experiences you had with people from work, or what you read on Facebook? Does it feel like that’s the only thing you can talk about? A large reason why relationships can sometimes feel boring is because we fall into habitual conversations that reoccur every day.

One Solution: As easy as it is to just say, “find something to talk about”, we all know that sparking up a conversation can sometimes feel awkward, especially if it doesn’t come up naturally. Then again, a healthy relationship requires you both to keep growing together, and that’s part of the challenge. Every day you should try and find out something new about your partner. A good way to do this is to find something that stood out to you during your day and talk about it with your significant other. It could be something about money, politics, spirituality, or even something that happened in someone else’s relationship. “Bring it to the table”, so to speak, and find out what the other person thinks.

The whole idea is growth. Communication is one the most important factors in a relationship, and you should treat it as such. If you make an effort to learn something new about your partner every day, you will start to see a strengthened relationship.

#3 There is “Nothing to Do”


This is one of the biggest excuses we fall back on in our relationships. There is nothing to do, so let’s just watch TV. Don’t fall into that trap. There is ALWAYS something to do; all it takes is a little creativity and effort.

One Solution: Although it is one of the biggest excuses we make, it is also one of the easiest things to fix. Take a trip downtown and check out some stores or go to the park for a picnic. Instead of watching TV, play a board game or take a quick walk around the neighborhood. Have you ever heard that you should exercise at least a half an hour every day? Well, the same thing goes for your relationship. Make the effort to do something with your significant other every day. It doesn’t take much, just time.

What’s the best solution of all? Date night! Helping other couples to keep that spark burning is the reason Michelle and I founded Crated with Love! We know if it can help strengthen our relationship, it can help strengthen yours!


What other tips and tricks do you have that help with keeping your relationship fresh? Jump on social media and let us know what you think! Tag us and use the hashtag #LifeLongLove, and let us know what you think.

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