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How do you make a happy relationship? Hint: It’s the small things…

August 8 officially marks National Happiness Happens Day (so why not focus on a happy relationship)! It was started by The Secret Society of Happy People, an organization that began in 1998. We wanted to honor happiness today by putting a fun little Crated with Love twist on it. So we asked people, “what small thing does your partner do that makes you happy? Here are their responses:

“He always packs a lunch for me for work the next day,” -Traci S.


It’s always nice to know that our partners are thinking of us and wanting to take care of us when they’re not around. Packing your lunch means exactly that!

“Kiss me goodnight and good morning,” -Hoami N.


It’s a surefire way to know that you’re the first and last thing on their mind.

“He always makes me laugh when he sings & makes up new words to songs we listen to in the car,” -Kailey I.

Humor is so important in a relationship. Just knowing how to make your significant other laugh can sometimes be just the thing they need.

“My significant other does the laundry and folds our clothes,” -Julianna P.

Doing chores is such a small, but wonderful way to show love. It shows that your partner is thinking of you and wanting to help and support your team.

“My late husband and I used to slow dance in our living room to our favorite songs,” -JoJo O.

Such a beautiful reminder that romance doesn’t have to come from grand moments, but that it can happen anywhere, even in the living room.

“She makes me coffee in the morning and brings it to me in bed!” -Lori G.

Isn’t this the dream? To wake up and know you’re loved and taken care of?

“B always fetches my glasses for me when we’re watching tv cause I’m blind as hell.” -Alex K.

It really is such an amazing feeling to be so in sync with your partner, that they just know exactly what you need in that moment.

“Denny makes my coffee in the morning with just the right amount of creme,” -Barb S.

Everyone has their own perfect coffee to cream to sugar ratio and when someone else remembers yours? #RelationshipGoals

“He packs my toothbrush and Benadryl for me when we go out of town,” -Pam K.

It’s always a great feeling when your partner knows you so well that they even know the things you’ll forget to pack.

In a happy relationship, all of the small things you do add up. Not everyone expects huge gestures of love and this blog is proof that the small gestures don’t go unnoticed. Happiness happens, every day. #HappyDating


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