How long has it been since you and your partner have been on a date night away from the kids? Grocery shopping doesn’t count. *crickets* We get it. It’s hard to find time and a good babysitter. To help bring back date night, we gathered a list of things you should do when you’re wondering how to find a good babysitter.  

Write Down Your Babysitting Needs

You should be very specific. “We need a babysitter every other Saturday night, until further notice. We’re looking for someone responsible, trustworthy, energetic, doesn’t mind changing diapers and is able to follow strict routines. Must be comfortable caring for two children at once, has the ability to cook a healthy and nutritious meal and can sing a lullaby when the babies get fussy. With 5+ years of experience caring for children.” If you’re specific, you’re more likely to land a great, consistent babysitter.

You should also, at the very least, have your babysitter be First Aid and CPR certified. Red Cross offers babysitting training classes for potential babysitters ages 11 and up.

Use Trusted Sources

This can mean asking family, close friends or even Facebook friends for recommendations. You can also visit sites like or The advantage to these sites versus finding a sitter by word of mouth, is that they complete background checks, narrow the search to people who specifically meet your needs and you can see their reviews.

Screen Your Candidates

You are entrusting the care of your sweet babies into the hands of someone you may have never met before. Make sure to screen your candidates and don’t be afraid to be, “too picky.” Here’s a list of important questions to ask during your interview with potential babysitters. From there, you should give their references a call and ask open ended questions such as, “Tell me about a time your sitter went above and beyond.”

Do a Trial Test

This step is arguably one of the most important, since the trial test is like a working interview. Here, you’re able to have your children meet their potential caretaker, while seeing how they interact together. They should hopefully have some sort of a connection. Afterall, you don’t want to pay this person to care for your child, only to ruin your date night by worrying the whole time if your child is happy, fed and overall just being taken care of.

Determine Your Hourly Rate recently reported the average hourly rate for a babysitter nationwide is $13.97. However, rates do vary from place to place. Babysitters in San Jose make $16.68 an hour, while in Youngstown, Ohio they make around $11.81 an hour. If this scares you, but you still want to have date night, consider ordering our monthly date night subscription box. Save money, skip the babysitter and have pre-planned date nights delivered right to your door.

Although it can seem overwhelming, you should always try to make time for date night. Studies show that date night has a strong correlation to relationship quality. The National Marriage Project has found, “husbands and wives who engaged in couple time with their mates at least once a week were approximately 3.5 times more likely to report being, ‘very happy,’ in their marriages, compared to those who enjoyed less quality time with their spouse.” Now that you’ve learned how to find a good babysitter, what are you waiting for?