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Getting a Dog

Will Getting a Dog Affect Your Relationship?


You and your partner have decided you’re ready for the big jump: you want to bring a dog home. You’re ready for all the love and the slobbery kisses, but you’re also probably wondering, “will getting a dog affect my relationship?” In short, yes. Here are 5 ways how:

Become More Active


Rain or shine, your dog will need daily exercise. Experts say, depending on the breed, your dog is going to need from 30 minutes to two hours of activity a day. However, this is something you can all benefit from. You’re getting those endorphins in while tiring out your pup. It’ll keep him/her from becoming curious, destructive and anxious. These daily activities are also great bonding opportunities for you and your partner. You’ll find yourselves spending more time together doing things you probably wouldn’t have before.

Learn Responsibility


Even if you live with your partner, you’re both primarily only responsible for your own lives. If you weren’t around, your significant other would probably (hopefully) still get fed and take themselves to the bathroom. However, your dog will solely rely on the both of you for ALL the basic necessities from shelter, to sustenance, to socialization, all the way to hygiene upkeep. It’ll be a great learning experience for you as a couple. You’ll learn who’s better at handling which kinds of responsibilities and it’ll help you both grow as a couple.  

Get Healthier


Healthy wife (or husband), healthy life. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Well on that note, one of the many benefits of getting a dog is that you and your partner will be healthier mentally and physically. Did you know, you can relieve stress by just petting your dog? Studies have shown that when you bring a dog home you become more active (see number 1) and it will improves your mental health and reduces your allergy risk.

Boost Your Social Life


A study by Tufts University found, “young adults who had strong attachment to pets reported feeling more connected to their communities and relationships.” Pet owners are also 60% more likely to get to know people in their neighborhood than non–pet owners. This can stem from walking their dogs around the neighborhood and making trips to the local dog park. It also doesn’t hurt that dog parks are one of the most social places, since everyone there is excited to learn about your pup and tell you about their own.

Have a Great Reason to Stay In


One of the things you’ll find that will happen when you get a dog is that you’ll find yourselves staying in more. Before, getting out of the house for date night was a highlight. But soon, you’ll both find yourselves making excuses to stay in. But you’ll both know it’s because you don’t want to leave your sweet pup home by himself.

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Getting a dog will definitely affect your relationship. But in a positive way! It’s a difficult, but very rewarding experience. You’ll get to know yourself and your partner in a whole new light. And the best part is, you’ll get to come home to puppy cuddles and experience the unconditional love that comes from raising your own sweet fur baby.

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