Hey you Crateys! Searching for a reason to celebrate? I have good news for you! There is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or gathering with friends, why not make your next celebration an 80’s party? I know, I know… rad idea, right!?

With these righteous tips, you’ll be on your way to throwing the freshest fiesta around! Here are a few pointers on how to throw an 80’s party that will keep people talking for decades to come!

Choose a theme: What’s you’re favorite part about the 80’s?

Was it the music, movies or mullets? If you’re like me, you love everything about the 80’s! If that’s the case, then you’ve got your theme and you’re good to go! Encourage guests to dress as if they were actually in the 80’s! For a more specific theme, you can choose something along the lines of 80’s workout and can encourage guests dress accordingly. Yes! That means spandex, leotards and of course, thick socks!


Members Only (Invitations)

Don’t send out a boring Facebook invite or a group text (remember, they didn’t have these features in the 80’s) get creative and make invites! Remember, members only! Yeah, that’s right! Make sure to include the date, time, address, attire as well as when and whom to RSVP! Turn it into a date! Spend time getting those creative gears turning and decorate the invites together!



This is a fun one! Get colorful and get creative! Streamers and balloons, you name it! The more, the merrier! There is almost too many options to name, so to save some time, check out our 80’s Party Pinterest Board


Create an 80’s Hype Playlist

I believe this one is self-explanatory! Here’s an Ultimate 80’s Playlist to inspire you!


Games: Can you say, “Costume Contest?”

Yes! Best-dressed gets a prize! An 80’s dance contest is also something that needs to happen because, hello, 99% of the 80’s was dancing! Also, a prize goes to the craziest hair, best Madonna impersonation, best Moonwalk and of course, most neon!


80’s Themed Treats

In all my years of party planning and hosting, nothing has helped me more than the amazing wonders of potlucks! Take the pressure off yourself and invite everyone to bring a delicious treat to share! For a delicious Triple Chocolate 80’s Cupcake idea, check out our recipe video below!

Got more ideas? Share all your 80’s party ideas with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Party on! 

Crated With Love