Though I am writing this as snow dumps onto our patiently awaiting spring time buds, spring has sprung in New York City. For many, this means that there are festivals to attend and spring release parties to wait in line for, in New York it means the city is accessible in a whole new way. The change in seasons also means it’s time for you and your partner to get out of the house, here are some spring time date ideas in New York City.


Number One – The Gug

The Guggenheim Museum is open year-round. However, the reason that it made our spring time list is that the museum is now accessible for free or close-to-free. Whereas normally, visitors are required to pay a ticket price of $25 per adult, from 5:45 PM – 7:45 PM the price is negotiable. With the “pay as you wish” status, comes a line starting at 5:15, making this a Spring time endeavor. As you make your way to the museum with your SO, pick up some food to-go and enjoy a standing dinner (or a first dinner, if you will) while you wait for your entrance into the beautiful architecture.


Number Two – The Sweets

You may not know that 60th Street between Lexington Avenue and 1St Ave is the prime area for your sweet tooth to be indulged. I assure you, it is. When you are in the city this spring you must venture up to Serendipity III for an expensive dinner or a dessert experience you will never quite recover from. The wait time is usually long, though. So, if the thrown together decorations and little shop right inside the door don’t keep your attention, put your name on the list and go for a walk.

Further down on the corner of Lex and 60th Street, is Dylan’s Candy Shop. Inside the bright shop is any candy you have ever seen, and I mean any. Remember when you were little and you watched Willie Wonka (the good one) for the first time and wished you could be in a place where, “the candy man can make mix it with love and make the world taste good?” Well, Dylan’s is it. The store stocks candy that you grew up with, your parents grew up with, your grandparents grew up with, and kids today are growing up with. A walk down memory lane with your partner couldn’t get sweeter!


Number Three – Brooklyn Promenade

When people visit New York City, they often don’t venture into Brooklyn which is a huge mistake. Not only is most of the history of the city still preserved there, but Brooklyn houses families that have called the city home for generations. When visitors do venture across the bridge, they often go to the Brooklyn Promenade and/or Brooklyn Bridge Park. Brooklyn Bridge Park is one of the coolest parts of the city as well as the most telling. The formerly active piers were preserved as parks and recreation for the city dwellers. Each pier hosts a different experience whether it be basketball courts, soccer fields, an ice cream shop, or a kids park with swings and a miniature water landscape for your little ones to play in.

The date however, is the above the park. Behind the promenade, the walkway overlooking the park, beautiful, historical houses have been preserved and tell the story of Brooklyn’s founding. Though it is not the most moral tale, the houses are still beautiful and dream-worthy. The best spring time date I can recommend to a couple visiting or living in the city is to walk among the houses. Point out things you like and don’t like. Dream of future houses or future remodels. Tell the stories that inevitably come up when dreaming of the future as future hopes are often stemmed from past dreams.

Then, after you have dreamt and hoped and walked up an appetite, finish off your date night at Park Diner. Though it does not seem like much, the food is perfectly catered for solid, deep, and casual conversation.

Here’s some photos of the Brooklyn Promenade on Instagram.


Number Four – Holi Festival and the Trilok School

Okay, I’ll admit it. I cheated. Though there are many wonderful spring time dates for you and your hot thang, the Holi Festival and the Trilok School in Clinton Hills is a “family spring date” that cannot be missed. There is incredible local Indian Food served while families enrolled in the school mingle with those invited from the community. Shortly after the sun starts to set, the decorative lights strung on the fence draw attention to the chalk-like paint that is now in the hands of your little ones. These colors soon decorate everyone in attendance in a very peaceful, sweet moment of bonding with your little ones and their new-found friends.

The school is an amazing place, focusing on inclusion, consent, and overall joy. Every community event hosted has patrons leaving with a happy spirit of contentment and closeness because their events are truly experiences. The Holi Festival is truly a must-attend family date for the spring.



Try new restaurants, walking trails, local coffee shops, open mic nights, or a new dance spot that you would never have considered before. Sharing new experiences bonds people together and helps fight off the routine that long-time commitment can become. Though the snow and cold weather are trying to keep the winter coziness surrounding you, make spring a time of new-beginnings.