The summer is already almost upon us and, while we all feel the need for a vacation, some of us are still recovering from the financial strain of the longest winter in history. That said, not all hope is gone. There are plenty of ways to make staying home the relaxing, productive, inexpensive break that you need by taking a stay-cation!

One: A clean house

Yes, this sounds boring, but it doesn’t have to be. The family, whether it’s you and your partner or the children, can ban together and transform your house.

Start with a plan: tidy the house room by room. Clean up the dishes, fluff the pillows, clean each person’s room, etc. Then, deep clean. Organize closets, cabinets, under beds, and random drawers. Not only will the peace of a truly clean and organized house bless your mind, but you can sell or donate all of the extra stuff that seems to trap you during the rest of the year.

Lastly, and here is the fun part, pick a project of things that never seem to get done and purchase some fun things to help you get it done. This can mean finally sorting and organizing the garage and buying new totes for all of the random findings. This can mean buying paint for the bathroom that has been plain white and nagging you to brighten it up. This can mean buying dinner out at a family favorite after the place is perfectly neat! Any bit of incentive to clean and bring peace to the house


Two: Sample Walk

This may be my city-mentality, but it seems that there are always new places popping up around our city and never enough time to truly visit them all. So, change that! On you stay-cation, take a morning, afternoon, or evening, put on walking shoes and comfortable clothes and sample them all. Get yourself into the middle of the town and start walking, if there is a new place, walk in and ask for the cashier or servers’ favorite item or the fan favorite. Continue to do this throughout the town, sampling the new things and shaking things up.


Three: Go to that place

We all have those places that we keep meaning to visit but just haven’t, “had time,” or we have, “had other things to do,” or we, “just need a stay at home night,” or whatever other excuse we make up to avoid that 30-minute commute. During your staycation, finally go! Put on that outfit that makes you feel amazing, grab your partner and make a date out of it. Whether it is the city’s museums, art galleries, tourist attractions, or even if it is Home Depot or IKEA that you never seem to get to, make it fun. Go to dinner afterwards or buy each other a new outfit.


Four: Swap Dates

No matter how long you have been with your partner, how much time you have spent with him or her, or how well you know him or her, you may not know their day-to-day. Though you may know that she gets coffee on her way to work everyday, you may not know what her favorite treat order is or where her favorite place is. Though you may know that he loves this sandwich place down the street from his work, you may not have ever gone there. So, on your stay-cation, trade dates. Bring your S.O. into your day-to-day or your favorite things or your “splurge” treats and let your partner do the same. You may be surprised at how close you feel to your partner after these outings.


Five: Sample the Arts

In the comfort of your own home, blast music and paint or draw or mold or sculpt or employee your creative energies in another way. Being creative with your partner unleashes a layer that they may not even be comfortable in themselves. Creativity is so sacred and being able to share that with a partner is something that we often don’t take the time to do. So, on your stay-cation, pick a playlist, pick a media, and create a masterpiece and a memory.


It can be extremely disheartening to have the time but not have the money to take a “real” summer vacation. Work and day-to-day tasks can be wearying and vacations are desperately needed for personal sanity as well as a relationship’s health. However, like many of us, if we are going to have time off at home, we want to feel relaxed and we want to productive. Choose any one or all of the above for a fun, cheap, and productive time off!

Crated With Love