The “Mini Date” – A New Trend for Busy Parents

Between work, life, appointments, errands, and some element of a social life finding time for your partner can be hard. Throw in some kids and it is near impossible to find adult time. That is why mini dates may be the key for busy parents.
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Awhile ago, we stumbled upon this article from the WSJ about the idea of a weekday “mini date”. Between work and running around with the kids, that intimate couple time can be hard to find, and yet it is so important to building strong, long-lasting marriages. So we’ve added to the article with five our favorite “mini date” ideas for busy parents.

All our ideas should be able to fit nicely into your schedule without too much planning and without any need for childcare.

Option 1: Light appetizer and maybe a drink

Before coming home to take on the responsibilities of “mom” or “dad,” meet up at a restaurant for happy hour. Find a day of the week where the kids have an after school activity and spend 30 or 40 minutes on a mini date. Take separate cars, come straight from work, and create a romantic rendezvous, just like when you were dating. Indulge in a few appetizers, a glass of wine, and just enjoy each other.

Option 2: Light breakfast and coffee

Get up early and find an extra 30 minutes before work to sit and have coffee and light breakfast at a local coffee shop. This is a great way to start your day off with a little “couple time” and can create a good foundation for the rest of the week!

Option 3: Go on a walk

If you have older kids, find an evening to take a 45 minute stroll around the neighborhood. Leave the phones on silent and just focus on each other. This could be a great time to catch up on what is going on in each other’s world and how they are feeling. Don’t forget to hold hands! That physical touch is powerful in a relationship and a quick walk is the perfect opportunity for it!

Option 4: Meet for lunch

Depending on your work schedule, meeting for a quick bite during lunch may be the perfect opportunity to get some weekly couple time. To add some mystery, switch off planning the lunch date. Have one of you choose the restaurant one week and surprise the other, and then have the other plan the next week.  These surprise lunches can create a little excitement in the middle of a workday and can bring some spontaneity and intimacy into your relationship!

Option 5: Create your own weekly dessert

Once a week, find a new dessert recipe to make together. Put the kids to bed and break out the sweets! End your day with some intimate interaction, and of course some much deserved sugar! Here are a few ideas from Dessert for Two!

At the end of the day, a mini date is the perfect opportunity to create that much needed couple time in your marriage without affecting your preexisting obligations. What are your ideas for a mini date? Share your ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram!

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