9 Hygge-Inspired Date Night Ideas to Show Your Partner Some Romance

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Couple relaxing comfortably next to fireplace

What is “hygge”? Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is the Danish word coziness and is synonymous to feelings of warmth, happiness, wellness, and well-being. The word originates from the Old Norse term used to describe embracing or even hugging.

Today, the hygge philosophy is spreading around the world as people try and live happier and more fulfilling lives by enjoying the simpler pleasures of life. With this lifestyle and mindset, hygge looks at the small things we can do which can lead to big impacts in our lives.

Here at Crated with Love, we try and bring that concept to our date night boxes. With every game, activity, or date night challenge, we aim to provide a little bit of hygge as you enjoy some quality time around the person that means the most to you.

To celebrate this mindset when it comes to your relationship, here are 9 date night ideas you can do to bring hygge into your lives with a little bit of love and romance! All of the photos and artwork are provided by Story No. 9, which offers a personalized book filled with love tickets for you to give your partner!

Whip Up a Home-Cooked Meal with Your Partner

Taking some time after a long day of work to just be together can be so crucial to strengthening your relationship. And what better way than with food! When you both get home, create the most gourmet meal you can by only using the ingredients in your fridge or pantry.

Slow Dance with Your Partner

Whether it’s a song from your wedding, one that was playing on your first date, or one that you heard on the way home from work, ask your partner to slow dance with you. You may never guess it, but those 30 seconds embraced in your partner’s arms can be just the thing you need to feel connected. And don’t worry, it’s just you two! You’ll both be the best dancers in the room!

Surprise Your Partner with Breakfast in Bed

This is hygge at its finest! When you both have the morning off and can sleep in, quietly sneak out of bed and tiptoe to the kitchen to make your partner their favorite breakfast. When you serve it to them in bed, spend some time talking about all the small things you love about each other. Now is the time to appreciate all those little things that make a big difference.

Have a Sandwich Date Night

Think romance and sandwiches have nothing in common? Think again! Just like your relationship, each delicious sandwich is made up of different parts that come together to create a beautiful culinary masterpiece! Find some time to make each other the most scrumptious sandwich for a picnic in the park. As you create each sandwich, identify all the wonderful qualities that come together to form your relationship. If you love was a sandwich, what would it look like?

Enjoy Some Ice Cream Together

Quick, what is your partner’s all-time favorite flavor of ice cream? Even knowing little facts like this can help show how connected you are to your partner. Find a night this week to go get ice cream with your partner. As you indulge, try and find at least 10 little facts about them that you may not have known before.

Ask Your Partner Out to a Movie Night In

Yes, you read that right. Create a flyer or even mail an invitation to your partner asking them to a special viewing of their favorite movie. Location: curled up on the couch! Grab the popcorn, soda, and their favorite candies, and enjoy their favorite flick snuggled up against each other.

Bake them Something Special

Do you know what the most important ingredient to anything you bake is? That’s right, love! When you have some extra time, bake your partner something special that shows how much you care. Whether it’s their favorite cookies, cupcakes, or heck, building them a cake, they are sure to appreciate the time and effort it took to bake something from scratch. You can even bake cookies and create a cookie-decorating date night!

Create Their Very Own Relaxation Station

Everyone loves to relax, so find a day soon to create a mini relaxation station for your partner. Grab their favorite snacks, turn on some soothing music, turn the lights down low, and give them some time to unwind and destress. You can find a candle they would love, maybe even a bath bomb or two, and perhaps even offer a gentle back massage.

Grant One of Their Wishes

Surprise your partner with a gift of “wish tickets” or present them with a customized Story No. 9 book. Have one of the tickets be for anything they wish for! Let them know that you are there to help support them and you want to show that by offering to do something that will make their life easier. Just like the love language, providing small acts of service can help show your love in a small, yet powerful way.

About Story No. 9

Nhi and her team of artists from around the world created a series of beautifully illustrated personalized gift books which include “love tickets” for him, her, or a friend. Each book can be redeemed for a range of activities and allows you to express love in a simple, unique, and unfiltered way, encouraging you to present a truly thoughtful gift by putting in the work and effort required for a successful relationship.

You can learn more and help support their mission by visiting their Kickstarter page.

Want more hygge in your relationship?

With our date boxes, you can bring the simplicity and romance back into your relationship. Every box comes with four to five date night activities that focus on improving and strengthening your relationship with fun, laughter, and creativity! Everything you need is included in the box and there are no babysitter required!