Date nights are great fun. And with many studies showing that couples who have a monthly date night are less likely to split up, they might even be part of the secret to a long and happy married life. That doesn’t mean they have to be expensive. Quite the opposite, in fact: there’s many great date night ideas for any budget, so read on for just a few ways to share, laugh, and learn with the one you love.

People looking at hanging art in a museum

1. Visit a museum

If you’re looking for a fun and informative date that also makes you feel ‘cultured’, a trip to the museum is a great place to start. People often think museums are expensive, but that isn’t always true. Even if you’re not lucky enough to live somewhere where the local museums is free, many museums offer reduced rates for locals or at off-peak times. You also don’t have to be from out-of-town to take advantage of discounted ‘Tourist Pass’ bundles.R

Blue swing set in an empty playground

2. Rediscover the joy of playgrounds

We get it: there are times when you don’t want culture, and just want some straight-up childish fun. There are also times that you want a really fun date idea that truly costs nothing. What better idea than some playground fun? There are usually several to choose from across the city to be able to change things up too. With this one date idea you likely have a handful of free date ideas.

A playground is also the ideal place to rediscover your inner child, and to watch your soulmate rediscover theirs. We guarantee that – when you see how happy trying to get as high on the swings as they can makes them – you’ll fall in love with them all over again.

Close up of the go to jail square on a  Monopoly game board

3. Show your competitive side with a game night

How many of us have a cupboard full of old board games that we haven’t opened in years? Rather than see it as a reminder that you really need to declutter, why not use that cupboard as an inspiration for your next date night? Relearn your childhood favorites or create your own new rules for traditional games.

You can even get your friends involved, taking turns to host and each bringing a dinner course or selection of snacks and drinks.  Maybe even form a two-man dream team with your date to fight your friends for Pictionary bragging rights.

Volunteers stacking their hands together before working together

4. Volunteer together

Wherever you are in the world, there are local good causes desperate for volunteers.  Why not combine a date night with giving a little back to the community? It could be serving food at a homeless shelter, helping kids with their reading, or looking after some furry friends in the local animal sanctuary. It’s really up to you.

All it takes is a quick Google search to find opportunities in your local area. And who knows, you may even discover a side of your partner (and yourself) you’d never really seen before.

Aerial view of a machine factory

5. Discover together on a factory tour

Rather than sitting on the couch and watching one of those “How it’s Made” TV shows, why not go and find out first-hand?  More and more factories are opening up their doors for public tours, often for little cost.

If you’ve ever wondered how the local producer makes their honey, or debated with your partner how they make sure there’s the same number of candies in each little packet – or even if you’re simply interested in something new – this could be your kind of date.

Man walking down aisle in a flea market

6. Visit a flea market

A trip to a flea market can be a really fun date in and of itself. Browsing the various stalls, soaking up the bustling atmosphere, finding quirky objects and things that rekindle long-forgotten shared memories. Just be careful with the impulse purchases as they can eat into your budget.

You can also use a flea market date as inspiration for your next date night too, using it to, for example, find cheap equipment for a new joint hobby, or to buy the materials for a new DIY project to do with your partner.

3 slinkys spread out on colorful pieces of paper

7. Play with old toys

Even if board games weren’t your thing, we can imagine that you or your partner still have some old, cherished childhood toys lying around the place. Whether it’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers, Lego or Lincoln Logs, why not dig them out and invite your partner on a playdate?

You can share childhood memories, learn things about each other that you never knew, and reignite the boundless imagination, creativity and belief in the impossible that adulthood has all too often sucked out of us.

Snowy mountains with blue lake and trees

8. Have fun outdoors

Forget tours of buildings or galleries – wherever you live, you don’t have to go far to see that nature really is the world’s greatest architect.

Being in the open air can help us feel grounded, connected to the world around us, and to each other. A change of scene can energize you and your partner or help provide a break from issues the two of you might be facing at home.

Whether it’s a mountain hike, a trip to the sea, or a rooftop from which to watch the world go by below – why not head out with your date and find your happy place?

Bookshelves filled with books in a library

9. Learn together at a public library

You’re never too old to learn. Be it a new language, the skills to help you with technology, or the DIY know-how for that next home makeover project.

It’s also true that learning’s more fun when you have someone to learn and practice with. Someone to help and encourage you along the way (and make sure you stick with it). Which is why classes as a couple can make great dates.

Although private classes can often be very expensive, more and more community libraries now offer free, or subsidized courses on a whole variety of topics.  You might even be able to learn how to use those supplies you picked up at the flea market!

People walking in a farmers' market

10. Go to a farmers market

Just imagine a leisurely stroll in the sunshine with your soulmate, then throw in some great food and the warm feeling that comes from knowing you’re supporting local producers rather than just boosting a big box store’s bottom line.  Now that sounds good, right?

Regular farmers markets are springing up all over the pace. You can pick up something to cook together, buy snacks for on the go, or sit down for a brunch. It’s also a great place to grab some tasty free samples. There are often local bands or artists that you can watch as well.


There you have it – 10 fun, simple, and easy date night ideas that won’t cost you much. Even having a single date night a month, where you and your partner have some quality time to reconnect, can lead to a much longer, healthier relationship.

Prefer staying in or can’t find a babysitter? Don’t let that stop date night!

Try one of our 22 at-home date night ideas! Because date night shouldn’t break the bank.


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Stay up to date with relationship tips, date night ideas, and special promos from Crated with Love?


Stay up to date with relationship tips, date night ideas, and special promos from Crated with Love?


Are you a business? Want to see your products in Crated With Love? Interested in bulk orders?

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