Plan, plan and plan!


Set the date, mark your calendar and start the countdown for your romantic getaway! This is a real vacation here, folks and well-deserved, I’m sure! You need to plan it, right? Do whatever you need to do to ensure that your sweet escape is one to remember and one that you will enjoy! Get the sitter, hold the calls (you don’t want to be charged for an international call) and get ready! This is YOUR Roman Holiday night; enjoy it!

Effettuare la prenotazione!


That’s Italian for, “Make the reservation!” What are you reserving? A spot for two at your favorite Italian restaurant! Once you have the date and time set, you are good to go! Head out to enjoy your ROME-mantic dinner-for-two and feel free to reenact the spaghetti and meatball scene from, “Lady and Tramp!” Yes, I know, I already mentioned a chance to reenact that scene in my Last Minute, but not Last Place: 5 Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas post, but let’s be real:  any chance you get to reenact that scene, you gotta take! Mhm! Delizioso!

I scream, you scream!


The two of you may have just finished your delicious dinner, but why stop there? What time is it? It’s dolce (dessert) time! Mhm, delizioso…again. On your way back from dinner, find a place closest to you that sells gelato. No ice cream! You need the Italian twist. No adventure to Rome  is complete without it.  Gelato is delish! Not sure where you can get your hands on some gelato? That’s okay! Stop by your local Walgreens, Walmart or Target and look in the ice cream section.

Bella Notte


Now that your tummies are full and tastebuds are satisfied, walk off the oh-so-worth-it calories by taking a nice, moonlit stroll. Look around at the beautiful sights of your city, just as if you were actually in Rome! Don’t forget to take pictures and make memories. On such a bella notte (Italian for beautiful night) breathe in the city and take it all in! What’s your favorite part about the city? Is it the bridge? Maybe it’s the downtown area, with all the lights! Or maybe it’s the open countryside, so vast and magnificent! Whatever it may be, make sure to experience it! When in Rome, right?

That’s Amore


After your night on the town, head back home and watch a ROME-mantic film! “A Roman Holiday,” “The Lizzie McGuire Movie” and “Romeo and Juliet” (the original) are of course a few of my favorites! Can you even blame me though? If those movies are wrong, I don’t want to be right!

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Felice datazione (happy dating)! Ciao!