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How To Have A Date In The Back To School Chaos

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Do you dread the back to school chaos? It is busy and hectic with a ton of things to do and prepare for. Along with tight on the budget. But most of all you dread the fact that you feel like you and your mate are running in different directions trying to get everything accomplished. You feel disconnected and don’t even know when you communicated last about something other than the to-do’s.


I know exactly how you feel! As a former teacher and parent I know these feelings all too well. That is why I started dreading that back to school transition time. I was tired of feeling this way every year so I decided to be intentional about dating my husband no matter how hectic it got. I’m going to share three ideas on how to have a date in the back to school chaos.


1.Keep It Simple– Lowering your expectations can create an opportunity for a great date. If you are use to spending hours browsing an art museum, maybe take an one hour art class together. If you typically enjoy an evening of playing pool with your mate opt for a place you can grab dinner and play a quick game of pool. Keeping your date simple will make it feel more doable during this busy season.


2.Trade Date Times– Choose one of your kid’s friend whose parents you trust. Talk with them about trading a play date or sleep over so you each could have a date night. Chalk it up to the kids as a back to school bash or last summer fun adventure. The kids will have some fun and you get a date!

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