Before Bed Block

Items Needed: Before Bed Block, Activity List

What to Do: Take out your Before Bed Block and piece it together with your partner. Download and print the Before Bed Block activity list (link below). Every night before bed (or during your last interaction of the day), have each person roll the die. Match the category with the day on your activity list (example: If you roll “Discovery” go to the Discovery – Tuesday portion of the list), then do that activity. Repeat every night for at least a week (if you can, keep going). During the weekend, roll the die and find your own way to get closer to your partner given the topic.

Why Are We Doing This: How many times a day do you spend actively pursuing your partner? How many new things do you learn about your partner per day? How many times per day do you feel you know your partner on a deeper level? This activity allows you to do that every day at least once. The goal is to end each day feeling in some way closer to your significant other. If you do this every day, how close do you think you’ll feel to each other in a week? In a month? What about a year?

Download Before Bed Block Activity List!
Gotta Connect 'em All!

Items Needed: Perfect Pairs Cards

What to Do: Shuffle your Perfect Pairs cards and randomly select two cards. Place one of them on one side of the table, and place the other at the opposite end. Your task is simple: using all of your Perfect Pairs cards, make a connection to the cards you drew (the first and last connection). You don’t have to start randomly, you can turn all the cards over and look at them all at once. It will be easy in the beginning, the but when you get down to the last two cards, things can get tricky. Here’s a hint: work going both ways. Can you connect ’em all?

Why are we doing this? Critical thinking and communication is the number one rule of this game. Make sure to talk with each other and share your ideas. Soon, you will feel so in sync with your partner, you can just say, “bye bye bye” to all your troubles…see what we did there?

Couples Charades

Items Needed: Perfect Pairs Cards

What to Do: Need a fun idea for couples game night? Break out your perfect pairs cards and a timer. Choose a couple to go first and set the timer for a minute. Start the timer and have one of them draw a card. They must act out whatever is on that card without saying a word. Once their partner guesses right, they switch roles. Continue doing this until the time runs out. Have them keep each card they successfully guess. Then choose a new couple to go. Keep playing for three or four rounds. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game is the winner!

Recipe for Two: Perfect Pairs Fudge (3 Different Types)