Wanted: Partners in Crime

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Wanted: Partners in Crime - A High-stakes Date Night Heist

Rumor has it the ol' California Express is coming through town, and it's carrying some of the winningest gold-rushers we've seen. Little do those heavy-pocketed forty-niners know, the two most infamous outlaws this side of the Mississippi have decided to come out of hiding and take all their loot. (That's you two!)

Relationship Focus: Support

From empathizing, to being patient, to pushing one another achieve great things, there are a lot of ways you two can support one another. We'll ride on through some ways with tonight's date night.

This date is perfect for couples who…

The Wanted: Partners in Crime date box is perfect for couples who love the wild west and don't mind playing the bad guys every once in a while.

Allergen Info: This box does not contain any food items.

Customer Reviews

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Jerrica Yadon

My husband and I were having trouble talking about things that didn’t involve work or our kids. These helped add some laughs and real planning on if we were to do a vacation and all sorts. It was wonderful to have something simple add more to our date nights. We got the restaurant dare cards and the conversation starters. Both were fun to use.

Lauren Jackson
Honestly a great time

We had a lot of fun playing the activities together

Yocheved Ferstenberg

Wanted: Partners in Crime

caitlin volz
Bought 2 date nights, loved one!

We were a little bored by the pizza party, but the train robbery was absolutely hilarious and had so much to do! Fun games that we absolutely loved. Would rate that 5/5 but the pizza party was lacking in comparison

Brianna Samson
Canadians love Date night too

I love the idea of having a monthly date night- and your date nights are the best. I would give 5 stars- but it can be a bit pricey with exchange rate and international fees (so we buy them when you have your sales to make up for that).

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