Sending Flowers as an Anniversary Gift: Simple Guide on How to Choose the Best Bouquet

Sending Flowers as an Anniversary Gift: Simple Guide on How to Choose the Best Bouquet

Are you wondering what to send your partner as an anniversary gift? Probably you want a simple yet meaningful gift your partner will appreciate. You have to put in the effort to get a perfect gift to make this anniversary special. So, why not send flowers?

Flowers are a classic gift that’s right for any occasion. But with the vast array of flower bouquets available, it's tricky to pick the right one. Here is a simple guide on choosing the best flower bouquet for your partner.

Consider Your Partner's Taste

Does your partner have any unique flower preferences? What kind of flowers did they like on your first date or when you proposed to them? Have they hinted at getting a particular type of flower bouquet? 

Probably, they also love freshly -cut flowers in a color that matches their home décor. In this case, opt for farm-fresh flowers you can find online from growers or your local florist.

If the relationship is new, you might not know their flower preferences. Send a bouquet of mixed flowers in different colors. Alternatively, ask their friends or relatives about their flower preferences.

The Occasion and Your Relationship Status

The type of flowers you send will also depend on the occasion and your relationship status. For instance, you might want to send a more romantic bouquet if you are married or in a long-term relationship. Go for an extravagant flower arrangement when celebrating a milestone, such as ten years of marriage.

However, even the first anniversary is a special milestone worth celebrating. So, don't hesitate to send a beautiful flower bouquet to your partner. The main thing is to ensure the flowers express your feelings and sentiments at this relationship stage.

Know The Best Flowers to Send for The Anniversary

Flowers have different meanings and connotations. Know the best flowers to send for an anniversary to pass the right message. Carnations express the beauty and happiness of a budding marriage, making them an ideal choice for the first anniversary.

For the fifth anniversary, daisies are a good choice as they symbolize true love. Lilies are also a great option as they express the beauty and purity of a long-lasting relationship. 

Roses are the best choice for the 10th anniversary as they signify love and appreciation. For the 25th anniversary, go for irises as they express faith, hope, and wisdom.

Take the Time to Find the Best Flower Bouquet

Don't wait until the last minute to shop for an anniversary gift. Instead, take your time to find the best flower bouquet for your partner. This way, you'll avoid the stress of having to settle for whatever is available.

A week or two before the anniversary, think of what you would like to say to your partner. Doing so gives you an idea of the flower bouquet to buy. You can also include a personalized gift card with a special message.

Consider Other Planned Activities for The Day

If you're planning an elaborate party or dinner to celebrate your anniversary, decorate the venue with different blossoms depending on your partner's preferences. For instance, go for roses if they're their favorite flower. You can also add other gifts to the bouquet, such as a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine.

When traveling on your anniversary, buy a beautiful flower bouquet at your destination. It will be a pleasant surprise for your partner, especially if you choose flowers that aren't readily available in your home area or country.

You can still send flowers to your partner at work or have them delivered to the venue. This way, they'll be surprised with a beautiful flower arrangement when they arrive. It will brighten their day, especially when they need a lit bit of motivation to face a tough day.

Choose the Right Flower Bouquet Delivery Service

Choosing an exemplary flower delivery service is just as important as picking the best bouquet. You're assured of the flowers arriving on time and in good condition. Check a few online reviews to confirm this. 

Compare the prices of different flower delivery services before settling on one. When celebrating anniversaries, it's worth spending a little extra on an excellent flower delivery service.

Choose Flowers That Will Last Longer

If you want your partner to enjoy the flowers for longer, choose those with a longer shelf life. Some of the best options include alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, and daffodils. These flowers can last for over two weeks with proper care. Also, understand how to take care of the flowers to ensure they don't wilt too soon. Some require adequate light, while others need more water.

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Figure Out How You Want the Arrangement

You can go for the classic round arrangement or be more creative with a heart-shaped one. The main thing is to ensure you're comfortable with the collection and that it meets your partner's expectations. The arrangement may also depend on the type of flowers you've chosen.

Some flowers, such as roses, look great in a classic round arrangement. Others, such as orchids, look better in a more creative display. To make it more special, add other items to the bouquet, such as ribbons or balloons.

Do You Want to Surprise Your Partner or Include Them in The Process?

You can shop for flowers together. It’s a good idea if you’re unsure about their flower preferences. You can also shop for flowers and surprise your partner on the day. It’s a good idea if you're confident about their likes and want to make the day more special with a pleasant surprise.

You can choose to surprise them every day for a week before the big day. Doing so makes the anticipation even more exciting. Every day is also okay. For instance, finding flowers on their work desk each day of the anniversary month will brighten their day.

To make it even more personal, hand-deliver the flowers. It’s a thoughtful gesture they’ll appreciate. If you live far away, have the flowers delivered to their workplace or the venue of your anniversary celebrations.

Make The Celebration Special

Anniversaries are a special time to celebrate the love between two people. Flowers show your partner how much you care, but there's much more you can do to make the gift extra special. Talk to a professional florist about your options, and include a handwritten note to make it even more personal. With some planning, you'll give your partner a gift they'll never forget.

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