Receiving Gifts Explained - The 5 Love Languages®

Receiving Gifts Explained - The 5 Love Languages®

If your top love language is Receiving Gifts, that means you feel love from all of those small presents that your partner gets you! Now, many people may assume receiving gifts is materialistic and all about the items, but that isn’t necessarily true.

In this post, we are going to explain the Receiving Gifts love language, look at examples, and even give you a few date night games or activities to help you strengthen this language!

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Receiving Gifts Explained

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well in some respect, the same can be said about those little items you present to your partner. One of those gifts may hold a lot of sentimental value, it can remind them that you are thinking of them or that you are thinking beyond the physical item itself.

Let’s look at an example! Meet Jane and John!

Let’s say John sees a candy bar that he hasn’t had since he was a little kid. There are many fond memories attached to this candy and it always used to make him happy. A day later, Jane surprises John with this candy bar along with a simple love note. The feelings that come along with this item go way beyond the item itself. John may feel loved and grateful that Jane really heard him and went out of her way to surprise him.

Or, let’s say Jane has been super busy at work. She’s been getting a lot of headaches and holding a lot of stress in her neck. Noticing this, John surprises her with a “Stress-Free Kit” that includes headache medicine, a bath bomb, and a new electric shoulder massager for a relaxing evening. Sure, all the items may physically help Jane, but the power of that gift is so much deeper. Jane feels noticed and that her feelings are important to John. She knows that John will do whatever he can to take care of her.

If your partner’s primary Love Language is Receiving Gifts, remember that it’s not all about the items. It’s about showing them the effort and proving that you are thinking of them and that you listen and care for them.

Receiving Gifts: Date Night Challenge

Below, we’ve outlined a little date night activity for you and your partner to do next week. We are challenging you to give your partner 5 daily gifts.

Every day, give your partner a small gift. Seems simple and hard all at the same time, doesn’t it? Okay, we’ll make it a little easier.

Below, we are going to break down each day and tell you exactly what kind of item to pick up for you partner. To show you how easy and simple this activity can be going forward, you will spend less that $5 on each gift and we have chosen items that will not be too terribly out of your normal routine.

Monday: The First Date Gift

Find something small to give to your partner that reminds them of your first date. You can be somewhat loose with the definition. If you had ice cream on your first date, maybe it’s a scoop of their favorite flavor. If you went bowling, maybe it’s a bowl of their favorite soup. Be simple and creative!

Tuesday: The Word Play Gift

Head to the store and pick up two items whose brand name or product type represent how you feel about your partner. If they make you happy, maybe you pick up a bottle of Joy soap. If being with them makes you satisfied, pick up a Snickers.

Wednesday: Make My Life Easier Gift

On Wednesday, surprise them with something small that will make their daily life easier. If they do a lot of writing, maybe you pick up a pack of their favorite pens. If they do a lot of yard work, maybe you pick up a new tool or sports drink. The trick with this gift is to explain why you chose the item you did.

Thursday: The Drinks Up Gift

Pick up your partner’s absolute favorite beverage for their dinner that night. Bonus points if you get them their own special cup to drink it out of!

Friday: The Junk Gift

This gift is going to be super special! Find a junk drawer, look in between the couches, and scavenge underneath the car seats to find a small gift for your partner! We don’t really want to give any more rules. We want this gift to be fun on its own! Whatever you find, have it tie back to your relationship in some way.

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