The 7 Best Date Night Gift Ideas for Any Couple

The 7 Best Date Night Gift Ideas for Any Couple

Shopping for that special couple in your life can be tough. You want to find something that is unique, thoughtful, and that will truly make a positive impact in their relationship. And if you’re anything like us, you don’t want to do the same old “gift card and a bottle of wine” gift every time.

So, what makes the perfect gift? Date night! That’s right, an awesome date night checks all the boxes. It’s unique, it shows that you truly care about them, and it will leave them a lifelong memory together. But how do you give a date night as a gift?

Well, don’t you worry about a thing! We have the perfect strategy to help you find the best date night gift ever for that special couple and have even included our list of the 7 best date night gifts.

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How do you gift a date night?

There are multiple ways to gift a date night, but you’ll need to pick the best option based on what you know about the couple you are gifting to. Below are some different ways to gift a date night.

  1. You can find a fun, all-in-one date night product
  2. You can create a customized date night box or basket based on the couple’s interests
  3. You can plan out a unique date night for the couple
  4. You can find multiple products that can be combined for a special date night in

Each option is special and unique in its own way. For specific examples on how to do each, check out our list below!

The 7 best date night gift ideas

Need some inspiration on creating the best date night gift? We’ve created a list of our favorites to help you get started!

A date night subscription

If you are looking for an easy, unique, all-in-one option, the best way to gift a date night is with a subscription with Crated with Love. Crated with Love creates unique monthly date night in a box sets perfect for any couple.

Each month, we release a new theme full of fun games and activities to help couples laugh and connect more. And with long-term subscription options, you can give the gift of date night for the whole year, helping to give that special couple a year full of special memories!

Find a pre-packed date night gift box

If you are looking for just a single box or basket to gift, and don’t want a subscription, there are many great options for premade date night boxes.

Crated with Love offers single purchase date night boxes or you can find many different options on marketplaces like Etsy.

Create a customized date night gift basket

Looking for something more customizable? Create a special date night basket or box that fits the couple’s interests. But how do you put together a customized date night box? Easy!

First, make a list of everything you know the partner enjoys, including snacks, hobbies, types of movies or music, and anything else you can think of. Then, find 3-5 items that match those interests, find a unique box or basket to wrap it in, and boom! Instant date night gift!

The best way to think of items is to find a specific activity type. For example, if the couple loves movies, baseball, and candy, find a baseball-themed movie on DVD and fill the rest of the kit in with their favorite snacks and candy so they can have a romantic movie night in! Not only will this be an amazing date night for them, but also an incredibly personal and thoughtful one.

Find an event that matches their interests

If you’re gifting a date night to a couple that loves to go out, find a special event to get them tickets to. It could be a comedy show or a local wine tasting event, or anything you know they would love.

An important thing to remember with this idea is to make sure the event will fit with their schedule. If you are unsure, find recurring events or places where you can get gift cards or certificates they can use for future events.

Create a “Date Night Wallet” for the couple

Just giving a single gift card may not be very unique and fun, but a fun and unique way to spice up that route is to create a customized “Date Night Wallet” for the couple.

Find four or five local vendors that offer gift cards and create an entire date night out for the couple. For example, you can fill the wallet with a restaurant gift card, an ice cream parlor gift card for dessert, and a movie theater gift card for entertainment.

This option is perfect if you are unsure about the couple’s interest but still want to find something a little unique and different.

Find a unique date night game

If the couple you are gifting for loves games, think about a special two-player board or card game you can give them as a gift. Even something as simple as a deck of conversation starters can be a fun and unique gift to help the couple connect.

There are also a lot of great two player board games you can consider for your couple as well. Games are great because they help promote quality, dedicated time - great qualities for an awesome date night.

Find a class the couple can take together

If you know they love to learn new things together, get the couple admission to a local class they can take. For example, if they love to cook, find a cooking class. If they both love photography, find a photography tour they can go on.

This idea is best if you know the couple’s interests, but either way, finding something they can both do as a team is a great way to help promote “discovery,” or the opportunity for them to learn something new together.

Looking for unique gifts for couples? Check out these conversation starters and date night games!




Gifting the perfect date night to a couple you love sounds difficult, but with the right idea, you can give a memorable night for them to share for the rest of their lives.

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