Comparing Date Night Boxes

Comparing Date Night Boxes

Thinking of signing up for a date night box subscription? WOO! That is awesome! Date night is so important to relationships and having a date night in delivered right to your door, well, there’s not much better than that!

As you shop around, we’ve outlined a few important factors to think about. Here are 5 things to consider when picking a date night subscription and why we think Crated with Love is the best option!

Creativity and content

Crated with Love: Content is hand-crafted by our team of experts and includes all the items you will need!

Other date night subscription boxes: May require additional items.

In the subscription box biz, we call this curation. That’s just fancy speak for “what’s in the box”. Most subscription boxes out there follow the same strategy: buy items from other companies at discounted rates and throw them in the box. At Crated with Love, we are a little different.

One thing that we think sets us apart is our games, activities, and relationship building content. Instead of buying a bunch of stuff to throw in the box, we create all of our own games and activities in-house. In fact, our founders, Tyler (in charge of romance and creativity) and Michelle (a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) still create the dates themselves! Technically, they are Crated with Love’s longest active subscribers because they test each date out together before they ship!

Every date box we create focuses on three things: inspiring laughter, helping you create quality couple time with your significant other, and providing activities that strengthen your relationship. Each theme includes 4 to 5 games or activities as well as all the items you’ll need for your date. You will never need to go looking for additional items.

Want to take a deeper look into what comes in one of our date box themes? Click below!

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Crated with Love: Starts at only $19.99 per date night with free shipping!

Other date night subscription boxes: Start at over $30 per date night.

At Crated with Love, our mission is to provide a moment each month for you and your significant other to reconnect with each other, even when life gets crazy! Because of this, pricing is super important to us. We understand that our couples have other financial obligations, so adding a $30, $40, or $50 monthly subscription can be tough. That’s why we jam-pack each one of our date night boxes with as much content as we can for under $20!

We truly believe that date night is vital to building a strong relationship, but it doesn’t have to be expensive! In fact, you can customize your subscription and get your date boxes just $19.99 each if you prepay (yes, for the ENTIRE date night)!

Customize my subscription!

Cancellation and refund policy

Crated with Love: Cancel any time and receive refund if your box hasn’t shipped out yet.

Other date night subscription boxes: Must cancel by certain date and no refunds.

Raise your hand if you hate being trapped in a subscription. So do we! We don’t care for companies that try and force you into a subscription and then trick you into renewals. Plus, can we just say that we shouldn’t have to press cancel 80 million times?!

Our philosophy is simple: we are going to work our tails off to try and create a product that you want forever. Having said that, we would never trap you in a subscription, so we make it simple to cancel. Plus, if your account automatically renews when you didn’t want it to, we will offer a full refund as long as you reach out to us before the first box ships.

At Crated with Love, our couples are the most important thing to us. We will work as hard as we can to create a product you will love and keep forever, but at the same time, we want to give you the respect and love you deserve!

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Customer service

Crated with Love: Customer service is our top priority.

We’ve said it before and we will say it a million more times, our couples are the most important thing to us, so customer service is always at the top of our list! We will do whatever we can to make sure you are taken care and any time you speak to one of our support team members, it will always be a warm experience. I mean, our support email is What else do we need to say?!

Story and mission

Crated with Love: Built from one couple’s desire to grow closer together.

Tyler and Michelle founded Crated with Love in 2014 out of a personal experience they had. After seeing how vital a monthly date night was to strengthening their relationship, they made it their mission to help other couples do the same!

To this day, Tyler and Michelle create the dates and even help pack (we have “Packing Parties” where the whole Crated with Love team packs together! Shipping thousands of boxes a month, we’ve gotten pretty dang good).

Crated with Love’s mission is to help provide couples with strong, lasting relationships filled with love and laughter!

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