What Is Crated with Love?

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Crated with Love is a date night company that helps couples strengthen their relationship with fun and unique date nights. It is our passion to bring couples closer together by creating engaging date night boxes focused on inspiring laughter, while also helping to strengthen relationships. Our goal is to make date night convenient, exciting, and affordable for all couples!

Our founders Tyler and Michelle found that about five years into their relationship, things began to slow down, and their date night seemed to all but disappear. With little time or money to invest in a regular date night, the concept of a regularly scheduled date night fell off the table altogether.

On a mission to revamp their date night strategy, they started looking for fun and unique date nights together. One month they found themselves at the zoo, another they completed a DIY project together at home, and sometimes, they just got creative with themed movie nights.

Whatever they did, they primarily focused on increasing face time with each other and almost immediately they saw a drastic shift in their relationship strength and communication abilities. Their hard work to reintegrate date nights helped them grow closer together! It was after that they realized that there was a need for something like Crated with Love on the market, so they brainstormed their concepts to create an even more tangible concept to not only use in their relationship but for other couples’ date nights as well!

Crated with Love was born!

So, What Is a Date Night Box?

Our date night boxes include everything you need to enjoy an engaging and enjoyable evening with your partner! Each box is designed around a new, fun, and exciting theme, and each theme includes 4-5 activities designed to strengthen your relationship with your partner! 

Why Should We Get a Date Night in a Box?

Date night boxes are an affordable and easy way to budget one for-sure date night into your schedule. With our date night subscription starting as low as $19.99 per box, this allows couples to connect and stick to their budgets! A win-win!

Date night boxes also allow couples to have flexibility, privacy, and freedom within their date nights! They open up opportunities for romantic evenings at home, fully planned, and ready to go! You choose a night that works for you and your partner and that can be the recurring day you both have your date night on from the privacy of your own home.

What Makes Crated With Love Different?

How We’re Different Than a Traditional Date Night

Each box comes with games and activities focused on inspiring laughter while helping to strengthen your relationship. We believe that a relationship rooted in consistent laughter and intentionality can only get stronger with time. It has been proven that couples that have a regular date night are more likely to be successful in their relationship.

We want to encourage couples to be themselves, get silly, and laugh with each other! Tyler and Michelle initially created Crated with Love after finding a need for a product of this sort in their relationship. Tyler now enjoys helping other couples benefit from engaging date nights as he has since benefited from in his relationship.

How We’re Different Than Other Date Night Boxes

Our boxes are designed with every couple in mind. Each of our themes has different types of games and activities to reach the silliest of couples, the romantic, the communicative, and the in-between. We take all the love languages into account because we know every couple communicates differently. This helps us build dates that form a much deeper connection.

Still not convinced? Michelle is a licensed marriage and family therapist, she has used her expertise to ensure that our games and activities are not only fun to play, but that they encourage growth and development in the relationships that they are played in!

How Much Does It Cost?


We have a handful of options for even the tightest of budgets. We know that if our couples are going to spend the money, we want to make sure they get the bang for their buck!

We have options for one-year subscriptions that begin at $19.99 per box. Don’t want such a long commitment? We also have a month-to-month option starting at $31.99 / month! Every subscription comes with bonus online content to add on to your date.

Want even more? We even have a digital subscription! This includes weekly emails containing date night activities, tips, and challenges!

One-Time Boxes

Subscriptions not your thing? We have one-time options ready for you to choose from! Our one-time boxes are not subscriptions and will not surprise you with a renewal charge, ever. Plus, you get to pick your favorite box!


We here at Crated with Love sincerely want our couples to feel connected and loved. It brings us so much joy to hear first hand from our couples stories that our date night boxes have mended their broken marriages, or that they have delivered deep belly laughs that they haven’t had together in years.

Our customers are the ones that drive our brand even further to deliver quality date night themes and activities. And it is through the countless testimonies and reviews that we can proudly say that our date night boxes are one of a kind.

Ready to Join the Family?

Join Crated with Love and start improving your relationship! Laugh like you did back in your dating years and discover new things you never knew about your partner! We can’t wait to have you!