Classic Films Every Couple Should Watch Together

If you’ve finished the three books suggested by Crated with Love,, and still looking for more things to share with your significant other, why not watch classic films? Movies are a great break from everyday life which can be a source of interesting conversation topics and a fun way to bond with your loved one.

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Five Practical Ways To Help Settle Arguments

Being able to argue constructively is a trait we all need to get better at.  And, though this is highly individualized and unique to a couple, here are five practical things you can do “improve” your next argument.

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5 Pillars to Constructive Conflict Resolution

There are many websites and articles that can offer great advice for conflict resolution, and sometimes, you need to keep trying different ones to find a good fit for you. Here are our 5 pillars to good conflict resolution.

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What Your Love Language Says About You

Do you know what your love language is? Well knowing is just part of the equation. In order for you to strengthen your relationship using the 5 Love Languages, you have to know what they mean and how to utilize them. Even more important, you have to really understand your partner’s love language. If you haven’t already, we suggest identifying both of your love languages with this test. After, refer to the graphics below to help better understand.

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What is Crated with Love?

A subscription box for date night? Yup! Every month, Crated with Love ships out a new date box aimed to keep the best part of your relationship alive and thriving! So…what’s in a crate?

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