Exploring Your Strengths as a Couple

Remember that story about the 3 little pigs? What was the message behind that? The first two pigs built a house out of materials that were probably much faster to put together, but ultimately it didn’t matter because the wolf came and blew them all down. But what about the third pig? When the wolf comes knocking, it can be easy to give in and sometimes we can forget about all the things that brought us together in the first place. The strengths, shared experiences, values, beliefs; all the things that attracted you to your partner in the beginning.

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CwL Couples Spotlight: Ashley and James

Hi! My name is Ashley. I have grown up and currently live in a small quiet town in Arkansas. I have been married to my wonderful husband James for almost 14 years (wow still crazy to think about how long it has been). Today, I have a full-time career and am a mom to two crazy wonderful boys Z (7 years old) and J (3 years old). It all sounds wonderful, but let me tell you a little secret…’s A LOT OF HARD WORK and NOT always butterfly’s and rainbows!

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Stories from Crated with Love Couples

We have the most amazing subscribers [or Craters, as we call them] in the world at Crated with Love! We work very hard to provide the best possible experience for each couple, and we get so inspired when we get a chance to hear some of their stories.  We know that our...

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How to build trust in a relationship

Trust may be one the most important aspects of your relationship because everything can stem from it. The stronger your trust is, the more willing you may be to develop your communication and teamwork. A strong level of trust can help you both open up more and can help encourage intimacy as well.

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Tips for Creating Couple Time Right Before Bed

The best and easiest time for a couple to input some alone time in their relationship is before bed. If you have little ones, they have been put to bed, all the chores and tasks for the day are done (or can wait until tomorrow), and you and your partner alone together. Now what? Here are 3 tips to maximizing your alone time before bed.

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5 Biggest Misconceptions About Couples Therapy

What have you heard about couples therapy? Probably a lot of scary things, right? Well we are here to break some of those preconceived misconceptions about couples therapy and prove that it can help even the best relationships get stronger! Therapy is only for couples...

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5 Easy Ways to Make Time for Date Night

We know making time for date night is hard. In fact, we did a study recently and asked our Crated with Love couples what the hardest part about planning date night was. The number one answer? Finding the time (over 40%). If we can't find the time, we run the risk of...

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