Tips for Creating Couple Time Right Before Bed

The best and easiest time for a couple to input some alone time in their relationship is before bed. If you have little ones, they have been put to bed, all the chores and tasks for the day are done (or can wait until tomorrow), and you and your partner alone together. Now what? Here are 3 tips to maximizing your alone time before bed.

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5 Biggest Misconceptions About Couples Therapy

What have you heard about couples therapy? Probably a lot of scary things, right? Well we are here to break some of those preconceived misconceptions about couples therapy and prove that it can help even the best relationships get stronger! Therapy is only for couples...

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31 Ways to Celebrate Romance Awareness Month

Happy Romance Awareness Month! With summer coming to an end and the holiday season approaching, August makes the best month to celebrate romance. Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most, because it's all about showing how much you care. Setting aside 5-10...

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5 Easy Ways to Make Time for Date Night

We know making time for date night is hard. In fact, we did a study recently and asked our Crated with Love couples what the hardest part about planning date night was. The number one answer? Finding the time (over 40%). If we can't find the time, we run the risk of...

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Five Ingredients for the Perfect Date Night

Our goal at Crated with Love is pretty simple. We want to get couples talking and interacting and we want that interaction to be fun and easy. Each date that we create is specifically designed to include games and activities that not only help you laugh together but...

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5 Things to Bring on Your Next Beach Date

A beach date is perfect during the summer. It is romantic, fun, and can provide many opportunities to grow closer to your significant other. The most important things you should bring are not necessarily the things that will enhance your date, but rather the things won’t make it a failure. Here are 5 essential items to make your next beach date go smooth!

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The “Mini Date” – A New Trend for Busy Parents

Between work, life, appointments, errands, and some element of a social life finding time for your partner can be hard. Throw in some kids and it is near impossible to find adult time. That is why mini dates may be the key for busy parents.

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Postcards from You

As April came to an end, our subscribers arrived back from their “trip” to Sydney, Australia. While they were visiting the Land Down Under and experiencing new things such as Vegemite and a tour of the Sydney Opera House, we asked them to send back postcards with some advice they have for other couples when it comes to continuously growing closer together.

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