Three Conversations for When It Is Hard to Talk

Even though he or she is your best friend, sometimes it is hard to talk openly. Relationships go through waves of closeness and distance. Like waves in water, they are natural and often hard to manage when trying to keep your head above water. But, communication with your partner is a necessity whether the relationship is simply suffering due to lack of time together, busy schedules, an unresolved fight, or something more serious like infidelity, betrayal of trust, or crossing boundaries. And these conversations can be hard! When two people are on entirely different pages, sometimes its difficult to figure out which person should be reading and which should be moving to the other page. Here are a few therapist-recommended conversation starters for when a relationship needs mending.

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Classic Films Every Couple Should Watch Together

If you’ve finished the three books suggested by Crated with Love,, and still looking for more things to share with your significant other, why not watch classic films? Movies are a great break from everyday life which can be a source of interesting conversation topics and a fun way to bond with your loved one.

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Five Ways to Connect during Family Time

Kids scream and cry and yell and get hungry and get thirsty and need attention. During family time, couples can feel very distant and unsupported which negatively affects all members of the family. We have all been there.

It is family time and your child asks you for something that has already been vetoed by your partner. Rather than agree with your partner, knowingly or not, you may give a different answer. Something so simple and easy to fall into can cause a massive rift between even the closest of couples. That said, here are five ways to connect even when chaos has taken on the form of your children.

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How Love and Travel Helped Define My Relationship

I literally saw fireworks the first time I met Tony.

We met at a 4th of July work party for the airline we both worked for. I’m a flight attendant and Tony is a Pilot. We started dating have been traveling the world ever since!

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5 Ways to Bond over Spring Cleaning

Spring is here at long last – well, in some parts of the world. And with the season comes the cleaning. The earth sheds its debris, its winter weight, and its harsh drama of the cold months. Your house needs to shed its dirt as well. But Spring Cleaning doesn’t have to be the drain that it has been reputed to be. Here are five ways to allow Spring cleaning to bring you and your partner together.

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Four Spring Time Date Ideas in New York City

Though I am writing this as snow dumps onto our patiently awaiting spring time buds, spring has sprung in New York City. For many, this means that there are festivals to attend and spring release parties to wait in line for, in New York it means the city is accessible in a whole new way.

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3 Books Every Couple Should Read Together

Reading as a couple is not only a way to stay connected through activity, but also through frame of mind. When you both are taking in the same information, conversation and intellectual dialogue bonds you. Shared ideas tend to bring cohesion.

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Five Practical Ways To Help You Argue

Being able to argue constructively is a trait we all need to get better at.  And, though this is highly individualized and unique to a couple, here are five practical things you can do “improve” your next argument.

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5 Pillars to Constructive Conflict Resolution

There are many websites and articles that can offer great advice for conflict resolution, and sometimes, you need to keep trying different ones to find a good fit for you. Here are our 5 pillars to good conflict resolution.

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