Is Your Relationship Getting Boring? 3 Warning Signs

Keeping your relationship thriving requires a little break in the monotony, and it is pretty dang easy to do. Here are 3 warning signs that your relationship is getting a little too routine, and some suggestions how to spark a little excitement back into your love.

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How to Keep Romance Alive Post-Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is over. Which means it’s time to snag some 70% off chocolate and wait for the next romantic opportunity. As a guy, there always is a lot of pressure on creating the perfect Valentine’s Day moment. But does the romance have to end just because a holiday has come and gone? How do we keep romance alive every day?

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Host Spotlight: Rehab – A Couples Release

Couples across the U.S. are discovering the secret to falling even more in love (or back in love) with each other. Want to know what it is? A simple, yet effective card game, called “Rehab – A Couples Release”

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Crated with Love Review: Fruitful Love

Crated with Love was founded in the Central Valley of California. This area is filled with local farmers working hard to literally feed the word! Each piece of fruit grown takes a large amount of work, love, and passion. With this box, you will learn about this process and how to use what we have learned from our farmer friends and apply it to your relationship.

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Crated with Love Review: The Great Escape Date

Have you ever noticed that you perform a little better under a particular amount of pressure or excitement? Yet, too much pressure or not enough excitement can leave you feeling unmotivated or can even make you perform worse. This concept can be applied to our relationships! This box delves into this with a plethora of fun games, riddles, mazes, and activities! Get ready to escape the monotony of an average date while growing closer to your partner!

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