How to Say I Love You without Actually Saying It

I want you to think back to the first time you told your significant other, “I love you”. The rush, the adrenaline, the anxiety, the excitement. Few things are as powerful as the moment you first declare your love to someone.

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5 Things to Bring on Your Next Beach Date

A beach date is perfect during the summer. It is romantic, fun, and can provide many opportunities to grow closer to your significant other. The most important things you should bring are not necessarily the things that will enhance your date, but rather the things won’t make it a failure. Here are 5 essential items to make your next beach date go smooth!

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The “Mini Date” – A New Trend for Busy Parents

Between work, life, appointments, errands, and some element of a social life finding time for your partner can be hard. Throw in some kids and it is near impossible to find adult time. That is why mini dates may be the key for busy parents.

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Your Love is Different

Love is a catch-all word that people use and we seem to think it means the same to you as it does to me. But your love is different from mine. And your love for person X is different than your love for person Y. Once you accept this truth, you will be able to give and receive love more freely.

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10 Gifts for Dad (That Aren’t Ties)

It seems that every year, moms get this big celebration with flowers, jewelry, dinners, chocolate, cards, homemade gifts, pictures, and all other sorts of hoopla. But come June and dads get… Grilling equipment, a few ties, and maybe a tool or two. Not only is that unfair, but it also doesn’t properly celebrate that amazing dads that we have! As a society, we celebrate moms for being moms, but we celebrate dads for being “providers,” “workers”, etc. We don’t often celebrate dads for being amazing dads. So, without further ado, here’s some unique gifts for dad…

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Five “Stay-cations” Destinations

The summer is already almost upon us and, while we all feel the need for a vacation, some of us are still recovering from the financial strain of the longest winter in history. That said, not all hope is gone. There are plenty of ways to make staying home the relaxing, productive, inexpensive break that you need by taking a stay-cation! 

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Postcards from You

As April came to an end, our subscribers arrived back from their “trip” to Sydney, Australia. While they were visiting the Land Down Under and experiencing new things such as Vegemite and a tour of the Sydney Opera House, we asked them to send back postcards with some advice they have for other couples when it comes to continuously growing closer together.

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Top Island Movies

In honor of May 2018’s themed box, we’ve compiled a list of the best island and deserted island movies. In each movie you’ll find adventure, fight for survival, and plot twists no one saw coming!

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Slow Down, Tune in, Go with the Flow

You’ve had mindful moments. You’ve already practiced mindfulness. You just don’t realize it.

And you don’t realize it because you were just BEING, and not thinking. You were not trying to be mindful. And that’s why you were so present in that moment!

Remember that amazing girls trip last summer?! Or the time your kid took his first steps? Or the bread at that little bakery in Paris?!

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