The Best Family-Friendly Subscription Boxes to Enjoy with the Kids

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Parents enjoying activity at home with their son.

Subscription boxes have become a pretty big craze. They are fun to receive because of the variety and surprise factor. Not knowing what you are going to get creates anticipation. It’s almost like it’s a birthday present each month! There are great monthly boxes that each of your family members could enjoy based upon their likes and hobbies. These recommendations are the best subscription boxes every family will enjoy together.

Mother opening We Craft subscription box with son

We Craft

Each month’s We Craft Box features a unique theme and story about the crafts. When it arrives at your doorstep it’s a complete creative unit! All the materials needed are inside the box and can be shared between two children! With 2-3 crafts and easy to follow photo directions families can enjoy a stress-free creative experience together!

Doodle Crate

This art and design subscription box provides 9-16 year olds with new projects where they can express themselves. It introduces unique crafting materials and interesting techniques to the kids in a fun way. In the crate is everything that is needed for the DIY project which makes it super convenient for you.

Using the Doodle Crate to have art projects to do with your child each month could be helpful. You can sit down with your child to do the design project together or simply be in the same room with them to have conversation as they create.

Preschool Box

The Preschool Box is for kiddos between the ages of 3-6. In each box it provides 16+ learning activities that are all hands on. Many of these activities teach important reading skills. However, the skills range from anything from recognizing letters, to sorting shapes and colors, to writing practice.

Spending time with your kids learning can be fun and enjoyable. Having fun activities like this delivered to your door makes the process easier for everyone.

Bookroo book subscription box opened to show books included inside


This book club for kids curates books, wraps them and then delivers them in a box. The fact that the books are wrapped is a bonus when the kids receive them. There are three subscription options based upon your child’s age: board books, picture books or chapter books. A subscription service like Bookroo ensures your family always has new books to read together and will help your child be proficient in reading.

Disney Movie Club

The Disney Movie Club is crafted by movie lovers, for movie lovers. If you want to build your movie library, then this is the club for you. Your subscription starts by sending you four Disney movies to jump start your collection. Then each month you receive a Disney movie along with an optional exclusive lithograph. With your membership you get deals like 50% off other movies and special merchandise. Once you purchase five movies beyond your monthly subscription you gain VIP access which provides even deeper discounts.

As a family you can enjoy classic Disney movies that you grew up with and you can discover new favorites together. There are always times that hanging out to watch a movie together is exactly what the family needs.


A subscription box of healthy snacks seems like one the whole family will enjoy together. Urthbox provides snacks that are non-GMO and organic. They also have subscription options for those who eat vegan, gluten free or diet conscious. Getting to try new snacks as a family will provide some variety in the snack selection. But your family might also find a new healthy snack to add into the rotation.

Vacation Crate subscription box on table surrounded by included items

Vacation Crate

This unique monthly subscription box provides eight to ten items from artisans around the globe. If your family members are world-travellers, globe-trotters, wanderers, or gypsies at heart this box could be for you. You receive a combination of handmade, artisan accessories and beauty products perfect for your next adventure. Vacation Crate makes sure that the items they include in the box are fair trade products to create positive change for a better world. They also make sure that their accessories are natural, eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials.

Awesome Pack

Who doesn’t like games? Awesome Pack has two options for your game subscription box. One is a family box option and the other is what they call the “big kid” pack, meaning adults. If you choose to get the family pack it comes with six to eight items. These items come in the form of a game, activity or individual items for the kids. This ensures that your family has something new to try together each month.

Loot Crate

Are any of your kids, spouse, or yourself into pop culture? The Loot Crate might be great for your family! This monthly subscription box is all about exclusive pop culture gear. Items like figures, tees, home goods, and more you can’t get anywhere else.

Loot Crate has many box options to choose from. They have their original, but also other versions like Loot Wear or Loot Anime. However, they also have gaming, film and tv, sci-fi, and fantasy crates. There is something for everyone!

CineCrate subscription box with items required for kids to make a movie at home


We have mentioned several subscription boxes that your family might enjoy that includes movies. Your kids will enjoy this box just as much, but has a little different twist to it. CineCrate is a filmmaker box for kids. Each box includes a costume, props, and film items to help your kids to create their next movie. Or make it a family affair and make movies together.

When you join CineCrate they give you a how to guide to walk you through the filmmaking process. Once you get the box you see what props you were given and start to brainstorm. Then use the workbook included in each box to write a script, develop characters, storyboard, and more.


There are subscription boxes out there for almost anything! Whatever your budget is you can find a box that fits your needs. No matter what kind of subscription box your family decides to try out the most important part is that you will be enjoying time together!

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Couple unboxing date night subscription box together.

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