A Letter From Our CEO to You!

Here is a little letter from the Crated with Love CEO to all of our members! We just wanted to show our appreciation and thank everyone for being such amazing members!
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Crated with Love CEO

Dear Members of Crated with Love,

Since 2014, Michelle and I have been building Crated with Love, focusing on helping couples from all over the world reignite with each other. Creating a business is a lot of work and we are always searching for ways to improve, but hearing and seeing some of your stories is what inspires us the most! Many of you have been on this journey with us (some of you for over two years) and I cannot begin to explain how appreciative I and everyone at Crated with Love are to have such amazing members! It may sound kind of weird at first, but we feel that each couple that receives one of our boxes is truly part of the Crated with Love family, and we will do whatever we can to make sure that everyone is taken care of! After all, Michelle and I started this program to help improve relationships, and in many ways, that means making sure that we have a strong bond with our members.

We understand that no relationship is perfect, but those who take the time to actively pursue the bond with their significant other will continue to grow stronger. And that is what we are all about! Although we would love to thank each couple individually, we want to give a shout out to two couples who have inspired us.

Todd & Teresa – Arizona

Todd and Teresa have been married for 30 years and have been with Crated with Love for 19 months! They were so kind to tell us that the best part of Crated with Love for them is the time they spend with each other and they have a lot of fun doing the boxes. Even after 30 years of marriage, they continue to focus on having fun with their relationship and that so amazing (and also so important).

Todd and Teresa, we appreciate you both so much not only as members of Crated with Love, but also hearing about the joy you guys have for each other. That joy is one of the things that fuels us to keep creating fun dates and we are so grateful to have you both!

Kat & Sarah – Pennsylvania

Kat and Sarah have also been with Crated with Love for 19 months! One thing that they shared with us is that they like that they can talk and learn new things about each other even though they have been together for a while.

Kat and Sarah, we appreciate you both so much for the time you have spent with Crated with Love and for inspiring another important part of our overall goal, continuously learning. We firmly believe that you can learn something new about your partner every day! It’s always great to hear about couples that take that approach and hearing your story inspires me, not only in developing Crated with Love, but also with my relationship with Michelle.

I want to end by encouraging you to let us know about your experience. Below is my email and I would love to send my appreciation to every one of you! If you have some time, send me an email with something important that you’ve learned along the way (either with Crated with Love or just your relationship in general).

Again, thank you all so much for being a part of the Crated with Love Family, and as always, Happy Dating!

Tyler Turk

CEO/Founder, Crated with Love