5 Biggest Misconceptions About Couples Therapy

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Couples Therapy

What have you heard about couples therapy? Probably a lot of scary things, right? Well we are here to break some of those preconceived misconceptions about couples therapy and prove that it can help even the best relationships get stronger!

Therapy is only for couples in struggling relationships

False. The fact is that every couple has things they need to work on and no relationship is perfect. Therapy can help give couples the tools to better their communication, support, and even intimacy. The reality is that therapy can make a strong couple even stronger!

The therapist will always choose sides

False. Therapy is not about complaining about your partner or trying to get the therapist to be on your side. It’s about working as a team to help your relationship grow. A good therapist acts a facilitator to help you both become better spouses while helping to give you tools to grow.

Couples therapy should always be a last resort

False. Consider this, the average length of a marriage that ends in divorce is about 8 years, with separation happening at about 7 years. According to the Gottman Institute, the average couple waits 6 years before seeking therapy. See anything wrong with that?

When it comes to your marriage, it is better to be proactive and continuously strengthen your relationship then to be reactive and try save it when things get tough.

They will only ask you about your feelings

False. Yes, being able to express your emotions can be a big part of therapy, but it is so much more. Couples therapy is all about helping you be a better spouse or partner. Whether that means conquering some of your fears, opening up more to your partner, or helping you both create a better support system, therapy is meant to help your relationship get stronger!

Therapy is only for weak minded couples

So false. There is such a negative stigma against therapy that says you’re weak if you show your emotions. Well, that’s just phooey! (We tried to be as nice as we could)

Becoming a better wife, husband, father, mother, partner, or any other word you want to place there isn’t weak. We would argue it’s quite the opposite. Being able to stand up and commit to bettering yourself and to strengthening your relationship is about the strongest thing you can do!

So, if you think couples therapy can help you build a better relationship, don’t be afraid! It might just be the best thing you do for your relationship (with date night being right up there of course)!

Ready to find a therapist? Psychology Today has a tool to help you find someone near you!