What is Crated with Love?

A subscription box for date night? Yup! Every month, Crated with Love ships out a new date box aimed to keep the best part of your relationship alive and thriving! So, what exactly IS Crated with Love?
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Back in 2014, Crated with Love founders Tyler and Michelle learned the power of a regular date night when they set aside just $20 a month that would be dedicated towards date night, no matter what. After seeing the incredible effect it had on their relationship, they decided to help spread that joy to couples everywhere. And thus, Crated with Love was born!

But what exactly is Crated with Love? To put it simply, we’re a date night subscription box. Every month, we create a unique date night experience and ship it to our subscribers! Everything you will need is included in the box so you don’t have to worry about getting anything else to enjoy the date night you already paid for.

If you’re still not convinced, keep reading and see why a Crated with Love is the perfect subscription for you and your partner.

A new adventure every month

Our themes never repeat, ever. One month you may be on a retro game show, another you might be fighting off a horde of zombies, and the next might have you climbing the tallest mountain in the world!

Relationship building games

Each date night box includes 4 to 6 games and activities specifically designed to inspire growth and laughter to help strengthen your relationship.

With Tyler being a relationship expert and Michelle being a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, you can be sure each box will have you laughing and connecting like never before.

Everything is included!

When you receive your Crated with Love, you can open it knowing you’re going to find everything you need for the date night and it will never require anything other than you and your partner.

Even more content online

With a Crated with Love date night box subscription, the date night doesn’t have to stop when you finish the box. Every new subscription comes with exclusive access to our bonus content that you can access at any time through your account for as long as you’re subscribed.

For more information on our bonus content click here.

Check out some of our previous themes!

No two themes are ever the same so every month will be a special surprise!

Ready to join us in our date night journey?