Hiya, Crateys! I’ve been feeling a little nostalgic lately. Time after time, I am forever wishing I could travel back to the 80’s. Have you ever wanted to go back in time? Well guess what, you’re in luck because we’re about to! Don’t worry, we won’t be needing a flux capacitor to help us get there! All we’ll be needing are a few of these 80’s fashion pieces!

For those who may be feeling a little nostalgic as well, here are a few bombdigity items you can use to rock on your next date night!

Colors…Lots of Colors!

80's Fashion - Color

What’s the first thing you think of when the 80’s come to mind? The colors, right? It doesn’t matter if it’s red, gold or green, like the Karma Chameleon, the bolder, the better! You can work colors into your date wardrobe by doing accents, color pops or even doing one color by itself! Remember, the 80’s were all about expression! What color expresses you? Work it!

You Dropped a Bomb on Me, Baby!

Bomber jackets are, like, making a comeback! With this style, you’ll for sure leave everyone stunned and speechless, like a bomb! Dress it up by adding a pair of ankle-strap heels or keep it casual with a cute pair of sneaks! (By the way, Adidas are the PERFECT pair of sneaks to pair with your outfit! Totally hip and totally 80’s!

The Fanny Pack

80's Fashion - Fanny Pack

Fanny packs were acceptable in the 80’s, and they are certainly acceptable now! Ditch the big and heavy tote and settle for something a little more chic. You know what they say: less is best! You can rock these hands-free, hiphuggers anytime and anywhere! They’re stylish, sophisticated and did I mention, a statement piece?

Denim, Any Way You Want it!

 Pegged pants (yes, that’s a thing…still!), acid-washed denim, or a customized coat, it doesn’t matter! Any way you want it (your denim) that’s the way you need it! Good thing denim doesn’t have a particular, “season.” You can do denim all year-round!

80's Fashion - Pegged Jeans

1. Peg your pants to show off your cute high-top sneakers, ankle-strap heels or if you’re going for more of a capri style.

80's Fashion - Acid Washed Jeans

2. With acid-washed denim, you can dress-it-up or even dress-it-down, all the while being the best bold you!

80's Fashion - Denim Jacket

3. Customized denim jackets can be paired with a nice summer dress, for something a little more sweet, or an all-black ensemble for when you’re feeling a little sassy!

Let’s Get Physical!

80's Fashion - Spandex

Spandex are EVERYWHERE! You can’t escape it! Maybe that’s a good thing! For a date that’s a little more leisurely, such as a bike ride, stroll, jog in the park, or a hike, spandex can be a girl’s best friend! It’s comfortable, cute, and oh-so-chic! Match with a cute pair of tennies for your next active date!

We might not be able to physically go back in time to the 80’s (so sad), but we sure can bring the 80’s to us in our fashion! These styles are totally tubular and I know you’re going to look bad in them (bad as in good, Michael Jackson reference here folks)! I want to see your outfits! Make sure you tweet and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Don’t forget to work it! Happy dating!

For more 80’s fun, check out our I Love the 80’s date box! Perfect for a date night stroll through memory lane!

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